#DixieDAmelio Reacts To Her Sister #CharliDAmelio Emotionally Crying On Instagram Over #ChaseHudson & Nessa Barrett Drama 7.8.20 – TheHollywoodFix

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42 thoughts on “Dixie D'Amelio Reacts To Her Sister Charli Emotionally Crying On Instagram Over Chase & Nessa Drama

  1. At first I was like "why is Nikkita taking Dixie into the house?" But then I realized what she was really tryna do in that moment

  2. It's so sad that no one wanted a picture with Dixie's friend.😢

  3. I feel bad for Kate she always has to wait for them to finish from the paparazzi 😂😭

  4. Y'all know Addison and the damelios are not in the hype house anymore and they're just visiting their friends

  5. Bro guy keep asking her questions when she just trying to take some pictures with her fans like dude

  6. Bro why can’t people talk about Dixie like whenever someone meets her they ask how charli is. Like why can’t you ask how Dixie is, but no it’s all about charli.

  7. Charli, Dixie and Nikita are such sweet hearted human beings… I can't imagine social media without them gosh😭👑💜

  8. Everyone about to ask Dixie the biggest secret of 2020

    Nikita being a queen and snatching her

  9. imagine being an ordinary girl with a normal life & then all of a sudden become famous over an app called tiktok. lucky girls.

  10. She wasn’t wearing a mask and was around a lot of people I mean at least they were kids

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