Although rumors swirled that Henry Cavill was leaving the cape behind after Justice League, new information suggests he might return to Superman once more.

With Warner Bros. pivoting DC Films into a new, lighter direction than the previous adventures before Justice League, it seemed like Henry Cavill wouldn’t return for a second solo Superman film. But Heroic Hollywood exclusively learned new information which suggests the Man of Steel might be ready for a comeback in the near future.

It’s important to remember that while dedicated fans still love and support Zack Snyder’s vision for DC’s Justice League, the film was a critical and financial disappointment, with Warner Bros. reportedly losing $60 million dollars. The studio decided to change the DCEU’s direction and follow unique creator led stories instead. In 2018, just before the debut of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Zachary Levi’s Shazam, it was announced that a Supergirl film was in development with screenwriter Oren Uziel tapped to write the script. He previously scripted 22 Jump Street and The Cloverfield Paradox before also being tapped to write the sequel to Ryan Reynolds’ Detective Pikachu. Rumors suggested that Kara Zor El’s solo film would springboard a new actor to replace Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Zachary Levi’s Shazam proved that DC’s new direction was successful, bringing  a welcome dose of superheroic comedy which also boasted a surprisingly touching undertone. But one of the most talked about scenes nearly looked very different. The scene sees Billy Batson thank his best friend Freddy by turning up to their school as Shazam – proving to the other kids (and bullies) that he really did know the hero. But Billy also brought an impressive friend with him: Superman. Well, most of him anyway. Audiences only saw the hero’s iconic costume, thanks to the Kryptonian’s head being out of frame. Henry Cavill was originally supposed to fully appear in a brief return to the DC Extended Universe, with director David F. Sandberg explaining the original scene saw Supes joke about school food with Shazam and Freddy. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the deal fell apart thanks to scheduling conflicts with Cavill’s role as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher series.

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34 thoughts on “Does THIS Mean Henry Cavill is back as Superman?

  1. Cavill is the perfect Superman and should continue to play the role.

  2. Reading the comments here, there isn't one negative comment about cavill playing supes. Wtf WB!? Make the sequel.

  3. Why, why, Why!?? Would WB even consider have someone else play superman. Cavill is perfect for it. I'd prefer to see any future movies with superman directed by synder, his tone set in Mos and Bvs was perfect. WB should release the synder cut, and carry on zacks 5 story film arc.

  4. Please yes, also I still desperately want Affleck to return as well with cavill in their roles, they where both victims of bad writing and direction, they were not the reason that their movies failed. Both of them deserve justice.

  5. He deserves a second shot. man of steel has a dedicated fan base and they butchered it by making BvS and burned the pieces with justice league

  6. Henry's great as Superman. The need new & different story – with heart & humor – to have him star in.

  7. Tom welling was born for the role of superman. He was the first superman I saw on tv for the first time as a kid will make my childhood dream come true, he is also an reliable actor we'll not have to wait for his schedule for a another superman movie

  8. I did not know you are making videos again heroic Hollywood I am glad you are back

  9. The first movie can just be called "Superman" in whatever plot. By the end of the movie however with Clark and Lois home, Lois vanishes and as Clark (scared and panicking) steps outside to see people vanishing and then a sonic boom looks up and Supergirl superhero landing in front of him, "Clark..Superman..I'm Kara Zor El a.k.a" and he says "Supergirl" then she says "We'll talk about that later but right now…we have a problem" he says "Lois just vanished" and she says "So did a million other people" as the story fades to black with a "The Story Continues in Superman: For Tomorrow!

    Something like that lmao

  10. So annoying to listen to this when it isn't factually correct.

    The prequel comic is canon you know?!

  11. SAG says they will NOT RETURN TO WORK UNTIL THERE IS A VACCINE. game over

  12. Then put Supergirl and Superman altogether.

  13. Give the people what they want!!! A Superman film with Brainiac as the villain!!!!!!

  14. Henry Cavill is Real Superman he is the best of all actors during they play this role.

  15. So here is the deal. Google Kristy Carlson & Noa Franco. They are relatives of mines. Got some juicy dish regarding Henry Cavill's Superman role. So due to Covid 19 people in the entertainment industry are somewhat afraid for what will happen to the film industry including Henry Cavill. So what I heard with my own 2 ears. Henry Cavill had a zoom conference call with execs at WB/DC. Dany Garcia was on the call & so was The Rock. Highly believe Henry Cavill is about to suit back up in a impressive 7 picture deal with WB for DC. 1st film he shall have simply a cameo in is Shazam 2 then next another cameo in Blk Adam. Henry strictly said on the call if he doesn't get 2 standalone sequels after these cameos he isn't willing to sign the contract which they agreed therefore the next film they shall shoot will finally be Mos2. Henry & WB confirmed with each other that they want to switch gears & focus on the SupesFam which shall include Superboy & Supergirl whom will be making cameos in Mos2 then once again Henry shall make a cameo in a solo Supergirl film depending on how well Mos2 is recieved by audiences. Then after Supergirl they shall make a Mos3 with the entire SupesFam in toe. Heard they want David Corenswet or Sean O'Pry to play Superboy. For Supergirl they want Sasha Luss or Samara Weaving to play Supergirl. They discussed Powergirl & Brant Daughtry as Steel or Mon El. They claimed they want to make these films beyond epic then with Flashpoint bring Battinson into the fold then rewrite & possibly film JL2 & JL3 depending on how well prior films do. Hear they shall include tons more other DC characters to defeat Darkseid in the last film. Hear they shall notify Matt Reeves to possibly include the entire Bat Family so they can make DC beyond more epic than Marvel. Hear even some characters that survives from James Gunn The Suicide Squad shall join the ranks in defeating Darkseid so u think. The name is Scott & I'm a DC Films aficionado. Not too much into their animated stuff but feel free to follow me on Twitter at @AceExl or on Psn Ps4 AveStarScott. Forgot to mention also. A Superman open world game is still in the works. Perhaps releasing with the Ps5.

  16. I didn't have an issue with him as Superman. I just didn't like the tone of the films he was in. That was Zack Snyder's fault, not Cavill's. With the change in tone of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam, and the success that brought, hopefully that means DC has finally turned the page on their Schindler's List in cape phase.

  17. Henry Cavill must be Superman! Best Superman ever! Man of Steel is the greatest DCEU movie ever🔥🔥🔥. I want more Superman from Henry Cavill😊

  18. "while dedicated fans love and support snyders vision…" what a load of snyderbros horseshit. More like, "while tone-deaf tasteless creeps still jerk off to grim and gritty garbage"

  19. I don't see anyone else for Another decade or two other than HENRY CAVILL playing the Superman , he deserves more , we all fans want so much more of him on big screen . I'm sure WB will not disappoint us.

  20. Critical reception from crony paid critics from Sony. They said the same thing about Aquaman but this time nobody believed the Sony paid critics and nobody believed the critics of Shazam and look how that turned out.

  21. Henry is perfect as Superman, Warner bros needs to do a much better job in plot

  22. Yes, I need more Man of Steel movies with Henry Cavill. Man of Steel was awesome. He is the best Superman for the new generation of fans. WB ruined Superman's story by shoehorning Batman in the second movie. Too many Batman movies and no love for Man of Steel. WB should sell DC and Superman to Marvel.

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