In today’s vlog we head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to do some things for the very first time. It may seem surprising because we go to the parks so often but there are some things we still haven’t experienced. So, today we decided to try them! The good news is that most of these things are indoors and today we we’re experiencing Tropical Storm Emily while at the parks and it was a great way to stay out of the rain. We watched Disney Junior Live & the Frozen Sing-Along. They were both cute shows! Then we rode the Great Movie Ride and checked out some of the Star Wars Land construction progress updates! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

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44 thoughts on “Doing Things For The First Time At Disney's Hollywood Studios | Frozen Sing-Along & Disney Junior

  1. i remember when it was playhouse disney and i went when i was 4… god they haven't changed the minnie's birthday thing at all. These puppets are ancient

  2. Weren't these two the former hosts of the Star Wars Intergallastic Dance Off?

  3. Argh! The whole Movie Ride scene killed me! I miss it so much! Runaway Railroad better be awesome….

  4. “Just gettin old I think”

    Incorrect, that happens to me in school ALL the time 😂

  5. I just realised when in the pirates part the say tick tock tick tock wouldn't that be exploiting a mental condition because of a past trauma. Just a thought though

  6. It's a shame about that movie ride. I was at Hollywood studios a few weeks after this video [first 2 weeks of September], so I missed it by such a short amount of time. I would like to have ridden it before it was closed. What is replacing it, Tim? Do you know? Thanks.

  7. I'm so sad I never got to go on the Great Movie Ride. I would have loved that so much.

  8. Thank you for sharing the great movie ride it felt like I was right there! Definitely a ride that will be missed

  9. I thought the Frozen Sing A Long was the most irritating show with the supposed to be funny parts. I like Elsa and Anna , but the two older characters made me want to leave. I’m a senior so that may have contributed to the way I saw it.

  10. I can’t believe this video is the first time I’ve seen the alien scene. I’ve always had my eyes closed on that scene because I was to young.

  11. How much the Disney Jr. show changed from just a show with a bear that lives into a house to a Dance Party (coming in late 2018) is amazing. I’ve never seen it ( since I’m 10).

  12. (Disney Jr. Show ends)
    Tim: WAKE UP LEGS! We have to find Frozen!!!!
    Tim’s Legs: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. I laughed way to much when I saw this and the guy said they died!!

    Few disapproving looks from certain parents

  14. I’m sorry but everyone singing at the frozen show sounded like our middle school chorus

  15. I’m 18 and cause of my 5 year old niece I’d be singing along to all the Disney junior songs 😂

  16. Wow! Those shows are so cute! The Great Movie Ride is cool too! I like how they do the Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West! And that finale at the end? So neat! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  17. My name's Emily, and my birthday is August 1st. How cool is it that it's my birthday and tropical storm Emily was going on that day! What are the odds? Lol. First time commenter! You and Jenn rock!

  18. i luved disney jr live when i was little and i still luv it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so cute!

  19. Like if anyone is going to miss The Great Movie Ride. I'm gonna miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. OMG!! I’m on this video with my mum. We are walking in from of him pushing the buggy!!!!

  21. im the type of person who will go to the sing along and purposely sing like miranda sings at the top of my lungs

  22. when i checked out the disney jr live a few years ago they had cast member characters not puppets and i think they had chairs…….

  23. Disney: Hey everyone! Who loves the great movie ride?
    Fans: We do!
    Disney: Well its closing down!
    Fans:But why? It's a great ride?
    Disney: We are replacing it with a ride with Mickey Mouse and trains you'll love it!
    Fans: …

  24. I love how they do the Disney Junior show as a mickey mouse clubhouse episode mixed in with different kids shows. Watching this I could just imagine how much my little sisters would flip. They'd love that.

  25. RIP to when Disney Junior show used to be Playhouse Disney and Bear in the Big Blue House )));

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