What’s HDR-X? It’s Enhanced HDR10 Content, like HDR10+ or Dolby Vision.

What we do? Color Grading in HDR using Davinci Resolve.
This transfer as any other involves full re-mastering in parametric grading to fit the new expanded ST. 2084 gamma and gamut.

Dynamic PQ ST. 2084 HDR w/DCI-P3 Mapping Transfer.
NEW Custom SDR Lut is attached to this video for SDR Displays playback ( Improved SDR Contrast and Details/Highlights/Gamut )

For HDR Color Grading services and rates:

With your support HDR-X is possible


We always improve our job over time. High Dynamic Range grading requires a long learning curve as not even the color grading software are 100% HDR based yet.

By reading a lot of confused people on social network sites such Reddit and Forums, we have decided to remove all the old/beta color grading videos from our channel.

TEKNO3D does not illegally distribute copyrighted content. We offer private video color grading services that includes of course, the HDR grading transfer/mastering of any video.

Our clients sometimes requires copyrighted content to be transferred to High Dynamic Range and therefore, we always add a huge disclaimer to the video explaining this has been only a job and that the content can’t be distributed or uploaded to any public website without the rights to do so.

Our content can’t be directly downloaded from anywhere, if you find any of our content “leaked” online is not our fault but the people who is performing the illegal upload of the copyrighted content.-

Our most loyal followers knows we are colorists who were just learning on how to deliver a pure HDR experience to the people.

In this long path there are different results until we can get close to what we want to do.

The old videos are not what we can do today and this can make some sort of confusion, now removed.

Today we work on Davinci Resolve and Sony HDR monitors among with different consumer panels and mobile phones as reference.

We have our own project/mastering/grading techniques for the Resolve HDR color grading.

We though use the same as any other studio/colorist delivering professional HDR grading.

Thanks for understanding.-



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