Donald Trump Has the Absolute Worst Taste in Movies

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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Has the Absolute Worst Taste in Movies

  1. >Though Citizen Kane and Gone with the Wind are fashionable picks, Trump’s real favorite movie is rumored to be Bloodsport, the 1988 martial-arts flick starring the Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

    Trump is a man who stopped intellectually and emotionally developing sometime in the 1980’s, so this isn’t surprising. I don’t think anybody expects Trump to like anything with more depth than an inflatable kiddie pool. And as far as cheesy 80’s action flicks go, *Bloodsport* is pretty legit.

  2. *Bloodsport* is a great movie. It’s playing in a television channel near you right now. Don’t disparage it because some asshat says it’s his favourite.

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