#DrDre Speaks At #SnoopDogg ‘s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony 11.19.18 – TheHollywoodFix.com
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40 thoughts on “Dr. Dre Speaks At Snoop Dogg's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony 11.19.18

  1. If was Eazy e alive they will still be the studio gangsters of the 90s

  2. When you step away from that dumb gang shit and chill out, you age very well.

  3. why american people always yelling and dont know how to shut the fuck during a ceremony ???

  4. They made a movie of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Straight Outta Compton. That movie is deep about the lives that they lived and their rise to fame. They both got really good music. They're cool. I wanna meet them and get their autographs someday.

  5. Doctor Dre trying to make a serious heartbreaking speech:
    The audience: Alright! Yup!!

  6. Snoop Doggy Dogg Mane!!!!!!!! Always a gentleman gotta salute for that

  7. They should start to play a song 'still' when dr. Dre came to stage.

  8. Bill Gates and Dr.Dre are prime example that clothes don't have to be expensive. I like this mentality

  9. Ever since Dr Dre started his solo carrier he has been wearing same type black verse. He like such verse.

  10. Well-deserved. The Dogg has been one of my favorites since I was a teenager.

  11. Fuck Tupac and Suge and Death Row. Snoop and Dre have come a long way since the 90s.

  12. Can't believe he's been in the since 1994 throughout 1996 the Death Row days and l wards. Same for Dr Dre who's been in the game for longer!!!!

    The pair have come such a long way since the 90s.

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  14. Wow you mean snoop and dre has never said NO to each other ? Demn hard to find a friend you cant say NO in this era.
    Snoop should have gotten this just making it outta the 90s lol that's some real right there talk but hey, Wish Pac was still with us he would there too.
    Demn Pac not here in person but here in our heart mind and emotions..
    Yall say Pac

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