Watch #DragonsofCamelot Hollywood Action Fantasy movie.
Starring Mark Griffin, Alex Evans, James Nitti, Selina Giles and Sandra Darnell.
Directed by Mark L. Lester.
#HollywoodActionMOvie #HollywoodActionFantasyMovie #HollywoodFantasyMovie

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50 thoughts on “Dragons of Camelot (2014) | Hollywood Action-Fantasy Film | Mark Griffin, Alex Evans

  1. Okay Movie,Okay acting,some didn't act at all.I guess this movie couldn't afford more villagers.

  2. What the hell is this? A free movie, without free butter popcorn and a free diet coke! I demand a full refund and then some for pain and suffering!!!

  3. the fantastic story of Camelot continues with Morgana now on the throne. A Game of thrones for the soul of Camelot with Arthur dead and the knights as the only hope for the poor people of Camelot. A great English fantasy tale that seems to have more twists and turns

  4. When you push your viewer's to subscribe by your various methods , extremely rude and in very poor taste !!! Something a child would do,you a child? Prove to your viewers by providing a quality product you will have no problem getting subscribers! Don't be annoying! We all have the power to block you from our site . FOREVER

  5. Now(!) Let's settle the mystery of HUMPTY DUMPTY, the egg, once and for all;

    HUMPTY DUMPTY sat on the wall
    SIR LANCELOT climbed the castles wall and sat, watching the queen to be of king Arthur

    SIR LANCELOT couldn't help himself FELL IN LOVE with the queen to be of king ARTHUR, hence the GREAT FALL

    All the KING'S men, all the KING'S horses couldn't put HUMPTY together again

    All of ARTHUR'S men, all of ARTHUR'S knights couldn't put sense in that egg head SIR LANCELOT!
    History records Sir Lancelot as an egg head, he had a head shaped like an egg.. Not this 🍳 kind of the egg but this 🏈 sorry I couldn't find an egg in my emojis so I went with the next best thing, a 🏈 football

    I'm not making it up, the song was made around the time of Lancelot and his fornication with the queen of England!!

    But I couldn't resist I just had to 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Nice movie I can enjoy it….like it more movie please,who's with me?

  7. That movie was sooooooooooo LAME and hokey…! The acting was horrible, it was bad all the way around! Don't waste your time watching it. It's an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back!

  8. Fantastic film cu dragon mistere si aventura foarte bun merita vazut e ok.

  9. oh FFS, do we really need those "No Smoking/drinking" PSAs? this is another bunch of PC crap that isn't even very good. You can skip it and never miss it.

  10. Sub en rspañol porfavor qie me encantan los dragones🙈

  11. Poor script, bad acting, cosplay clothing – too stupid to watch after only 12 minutes!

  12. The only nice thing about this movie was the location where it was filmed ( north Wales) the words were too modern

  13. She can communicate through the orb? Why did she go to the lake the first two times?

  14. If you're ordinary folk, you might understandably develope a fierce loathing for Knights and heros. Whenever they're on a quest, they get everyone around them killed after eating their food.

  15. I love castle,dragon, forest and beautiful countryside
    Thanks 😊😊😊☺️

  16. Pretty to watch this and continue the movies…. Just like I watch for 3hours. King Arthur of Camelot… 2/20/2020

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