Janelle Monáe (‘Homecoming’), Reese Witherspoon (‘The Morning Show’ ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ ‘Big Little Lies’), Jennifer Aniston (‘The Morning Show’), Helena Bonham Carter (‘The Crown’), Zendaya (‘Euphoria’), and Rose Byrne (‘Mrs. America’) join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for our Comedy Actresses Roundtable.

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46 thoughts on “Drama Actresses Roundtable: Janelle Monáe, Jennifer Aniston, Zendaya, Reese Witherspoon | Close Up

  1. I love how all of them are smiling at Zendaya while she speaks! They look genuinely proud of her.

  2. I didn't get the unifying experience. I was forced out of a $200,000 job, had to delete 20 friends for becoming covid shaming demons, and watched my family get divided.

  3. Love each and every actress on this panel, however, Janelle needs her own 30 minute episode. Perfectly articulated.

  4. Yea ima head out call me when y'all have multiple people of color on these panels.

  5. The difference in standards that women are held to, compared to the standards that men are held to, is very easy to see in the comments here compared with the comments in the Comedy Actors Roundtable. The white women at this table are being torn apart for their comments on BLM/Covid/TimesUp/their privilege (i.e. anything & everything) yet Ricky Gervais is completely flippant, as is his way, and gets praised for his "humour" in response to the present situation.

    It's sad that people – and mostly women here – are still so quick to judge other women, and hold them to unattainable levels of perfection at all times. It used to be 'only' physically, now it's anything that comes out of their mouths as well. I'm surprised that any of them even agree to speak publicly, on camera, knowing that their words will be micro-analysed, taken out of context, thrown back at them and used against them. Not to mention that this is an 18min, highly-edited excerpt from a full hour conversation… Those who are judging don't even have the full story.

    No wonder visibility, imposter phenomenon, and the struggle to climb the ladders of "success" and "power" are still such issues for women these days (particularly in the USA, evidenced by the DIRE political milieu there). This is why! Yes, many many people are hurting, suffering, and also easily riled right now, but does that mean these women should be "called out" at any given opportunity? For using the wrong word? For being safe? For being privileged? It was We The People who put them in these positions, remember?! Because they are all damn good at what they do..!! Which is first & foremost: Acting, Producing, Performing, Singing… Toxic call out culture does more to harm the movements toward equality (gender, racial, identity et al) than it does to advance them. Compassion goes both ways, people…try it, please..!

  6. Yeah really smart decision by people to protest during a pandemic. Racism and inequality will never go away. Janelle speaks about healthcare system. It was Obama who gave us expensive insurance instead of true healthcare. Black people voted for Biden and status quo instead of Bernie Sanders – the man with the real healthcare plan that will truly benefit poor and low income people. Changes start with the person in the mirror. If black president, black city mayors, black police chiefs, black congressmen can't make the changes in the system, then who can? Why don't black people hold those black people in positions accountable as well?
    Black people vote against their own interest and then they wonder why nothing changes. You had a chance to vote for Bernie and you failed twice.

  7. Nearly 14 minutes before Rose gets a word in? Either question the moderator or the editor…

  8. They should have a roundtable with only POC. Switch it up a bit! For God's sake – we don't need the same thing over and over! (Even if I enjoy several of these roundtables, especially the ones with only women).

  9. Interesting how the whole reason for this interview is to talk about representation and they have the two white Americans who are the most successful almost run the interview.

  10. I can't deny the fact that I am always
    looking for her work because she was funny and interesting for me to watch. She
    was phenomenal to carry her roles in such a long resume. For me, if she plays
    close to what she is in real life is her best performance, like what she did
    with 'The Morning Show.' Her effect on me as her viewer is this. I could watch
    Marvel or any action movie once, but not with most of Jen's projects because I
    want to laugh at what she did over and over again. As a fan, I go for Jen to be
    the best because it is realistic at best. I don't like action movies or
    fantasy, or sci-fi or thriller so I am biased. Why I watch Netflix? Because of
    Friends, why I watch Apple TV plus? Because of TMS, I'm SAD THAT BAFTA SNUBBED
    YOU JEN. My childhood role-playing dream come true was when you won that 2020 SAG
    award, Jen. You deserved the award 100% of it.

  11. Janelle said some really strong points…she is amazing. I want to also watch homecoming now

  12. As a black man, I despise phony janelle Monae and her privileged attitude. Why did they make her a star ??

  13. Lmao @ Jennifer Anistons facial expressions everything after Janelle Monae says. I really wonder her thoughts

  14. Janelle, what are you doing, grouping with these zeros…they are fake and don't care about anything but their nose doc..run😲

  15. Racial Social Unrest? 3 white women speak first… smh. It’s a beautiful moment for people who can meditate in million dollar homes… how disconnected.

  16. Ok… but Jennifer’s unedited and she actually looks her age not like her aveeno commercials. Which is nice😊

  17. Today i saw an interview with Viola Davis, when she sayed: she is so talent like Meryl Streep and Juliane Moore, from amazing university too, but VIOLA doesn't has chance to have amazing dresses designers, and amazing salary compare to the other two actresses. If it is difficult even for Viola, then imagine the other black actresses, how many challenges they must face as well. Everything is very sad, in hollywood, and also in the world, all hatred, and lack of opportunity.

  18. Helena is a mood…. Every time the camera was on her when someone else was talking is me during weekly department meetings 💀

  19. Zendaya’s face looks like “yeah I’m not buying it until I see some REAL MF ACTION.”

  20. I love Reese's work (I dont know her personally to love her🤷‍♀️), but in this video she soo sounds like the stereotypical white woman who only focuses on injustices that affect her, such as those against women but doesn't necessarily care about those that don't personally affect her, such as BLM.
    It's a bit disappointing to observe.

  21. Love what Janelle said ❤️🙏🏾. Thank you . This is a time of extreme trauma. White people need to be true allies and start speaking out against racism. Fight for diversity and equality. Speak out against the killing of Black, Brown, Indigenous people.

  22. Janelle is an outstanding speaker like OMG. I feel like all of these actresses have matured and developed amazingly in the industry . I feel bad for Jen feeling this way , friends was so big that it’s virtually impossible for her to ever shake off the title of Rachel Green

  23. SEE THAT IS BLACK SUPREMACY to WE NEED TO STOP COLOURISEM WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE END OFF we need to stop ignorant people we are all slaves to the system

  24. can't wait for the full episode to be released! there was so much they talked about and i'm really interested in hearing them all talk about their experiences

  25. I wish Reese hadn’t shifted the subject away from systemic and social injustices that black people face so quickly and abruptly. I definitely wanted to hear more from Janelle on that topic and we didn’t get to hear Zendaya speak on it at all. Zendaya is the same woman that told the Disney senior executives that she would no longer work with the company unless their was more black representation on screen and off screen. She also demanded that Disney make black Barbie dolls so young girls could see themselves. I wish to get a round table with both Janelle and Zendaya as well as Queens Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington, Taraji P Henson, Regina King, Cicely Tyson, Queen Latifah, Octavia Spencer, Loretta Devine, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ava Duvernay, Keke Palmer, Nia Long, Halle Berry, Eve, Neicey Nash, Gabrielle Union, Tasha Smith, Meagan Good, Jada Pickett Smith, Phylicia Rashad, Whoopi, I could continue but that’s a big ass table just pick a few and start there lol

  26. Silly me thinking this was an ACTRESS round table of movies and tv…. not a political debate. My bad.

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