The actor opens up about his latest role and says his dog has become his best friend during quarantine.

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21 thoughts on “Dylan McDermott on His New Series "Hollywood" | The View

  1. I don't watch anything coming out of Hollywood because they are nothing but a bunch of pedophiles and rapists. Whoopi's know because she protects them and she gets paid well.

  2. The View Show is going down Obama's disgraced Department of Justice.
    God's Kingdom Rules !!!

  3. He confirmed himself a hottie when I seen him touching himself on American Horror Story!

  4. It's important to note that "Hollywood" is NOT an imagining of what it would be like if everyone were equal, because the characters of color, LGBTQ, women are NOT treated equally. What it IS about is: what would happen if the people who were in positions of power – white people, straight people, men – used that power for inclusivity back in the 1940s. If they used their considerable wealth and power to DEMAND that other types of people be included and given opportunities, what would our world look like today 80 years later if they had used their power back then? And that's a far more interesting story than just if it was "What if they were equal?" It's a brilliant show.

  5. Dylan McDermott was masterful in Hollywood. Definitely see an Emmy in his future.

  6. I must say, The show was easy…I saw what was coming every single time.
    But the ending, the last episode; I was crying my eyes out. I felt so touched and made me dream of what the USA would be today. I give it a 10/10!

    Also Dylan is Daddy.

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