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Tim Allen
Patricia Richardson
Richard Karn
Debbe Dunning
Zachary Ty Bryan
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Taran Noah Smith
Pamela Anderson

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25 thoughts on “E! True Hollywood Story – Home Improvement

  1. annmons says when iwas in 10 garde me kenny coiln we set on the bathroom at school fickong jhoony tear zac

  2. I used to hate this show. I was in my late teens when this was on. Now at 45 and being married 20 years with kids I love this show.

  3. Pamela Anders just kissed the hollyweird freaks ass and did the casting couch thing…..add to that her willingness to use all the liberal insane environmental arms feminazi talking points got her what she wanted …. she is a talentless hack that sold her ass that's all….. a typical idiot with a shit attitude…. debbie was great and a good human being too…. the Emmy's abs hollyweird have conservative values they are just satanic scum…… when jill started pushing the feminism it started killing the show…. that supposed crap put her on the map yet she had to try to change what's good true and right… and certainly that's why she got divorced….. it was boring but it was litterally the only thing she is known for before or after……….. that goth crap was terrible TV.. … Tim dosen't go back on anything….character

  4. Was this included on the bonus feature of Home Improvement: The Complete 8th Season?

  5. I still use that line. "I dont think so tim" young people keep asking who's tim.

  6. Pamela Anderson should have stayed th pornagrefiy with tommy lee except he was a scumbag and she passed out hep like candy

  7. When this show launched I was in taking woodshop in Jr. High. We used to talk about this show in shop all the time

  8. What talent did J.T. have? What did he go off and do that made him so great?

  9. Our whole family loved this show 🙂 we joke that my dad is Tim cause he is a total tool man, but doesn't blow things up or break them like Tim always did

  10. If you want to know what really happened with his drug bust type it into Google and you’ll see they’re leaving quite a bit out.

  11. Great show with great actors and actresses. Tim is a legend and an American treasure

  12. Of course at 58-59 minutes they talk about getting screwed by Disney.. that's how deals go with the elite,, they will screw you over the elite are un human, they are all about child molesting no doubt about that and only think about themselves…they will eat their own blood child and not think twice because it gave them an extra $10 in their pocket… It's sad to know the true game.. look it up they all go crazy soon, supposably,,, and start telling The forbidden truth,, then they died unexpectedly, more less murdered with no true evidence… Basically Disney wants more shitdick popsicles put in their mouth.. they love eating shit,poop, and anything that makes them feel dirty.. no person that owns Disney ever showers they are as dirty as homeless people living in LA… The sad part about it is some people have the resources to shower and some don't.. the people with no money shower more than the ones with billions of dollars . So crazy how nasty billionaires are..

  13. "And cooking healthy meals. In fact, Taran and his wife opened a vegan restaurant"

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