The classics come in all forms in Hollywood and we’re visiting the most iconic spots. From an old-school Italian red sauce joint to the most legendary music venue in Hollywood, our host Kris Yenbamroong is visiting the true classics. We’re eating late night Jewish deli food and dancing it off at the most fun bar in West Hollywood. There’s a reason why these places have been mainstays for so long.

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30 thoughts on “Eating at Hollywood’s Most Iconic Restaurants

  1. This Asian dude is trying soo hard to sound and act like DiCaprio, but his table manners are worse than a toddler’s.

  2. The Abby is the ISH!!! I had the best time at that place. Go and your stress will melt away.

  3. Yes, people do look at you differently when you "pretend" to know how to taste wine (especially when it's house wine) … they look at you with the realization of the pretentious a$$hole you are…

  4. Musso and Franks is hands down the best restaurant I have been to. Growing up in a family that’s half Italian, with grandparents and great grandparents who were heavily involved in the movie industry, it has always been a family hang out to go to Musso and Franks. Happy 100 years!!!

  5. You guys wanna see some real shit? Go watch the munchies Mexico late night not this garbage

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