Barbra Streisand, looking more beautifully radiant and regal than ever, sat down for the November issue of “ELLE” as part of the celebration of “Women In Hollywood”. Streisand was honored with the ELLE L’Oreal Paris Legend award.
Also honored this year, and some of which are also in this film are actors, Freida Pinto, Evan Rachel Wood, Naomi Watts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Viola Davis, Stacey Snider, Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Olsen.
This wonderful film was directed by Marcel Wepper.

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22 thoughts on “"ELLE" – BARBRA STREISAND and more: "Women in Hollywood" (2011) – HD Version

  1. Made me happy that Barbra mentions Marilyn Monroe as a true talent. She was and no one else can be quit like she was. Love Barbra and Marilyn Monroe.

  2. Barbra StreiSAnd. !!!! With an “S” like Sand on the beach. ….Folks !

  3. I recognize Barbra Streisand, but who are all those losers in the video?

  4. why does barbra look like she's in a bordello? and everyone else is in a studio or just a simple setting

  5. Sometimes I just belive she have some influence get people free too get their own oppinion True


  7. Barbra Streisand is really our only mega-star left. She is an incredibly gifted, brilliant and sensitive woman. Her talent is boundless  as a Singer, Actress, Director, and Film maker. She breaks all the boundaries that others say can't be done.She is limitless and extremely creative and thoughtful, which I love about her. She does not take no from anyone, including her self. She inspires millions of fans, who will support anything she does because she is so iconic and well loved.I have always admired and respected her because she knows no boundaries when it comes to her knowledge. She does her homework on anything and everything that she is interested in. She has always followed her own path and has been an exampleof what one can accomplish if you put your mind to it. I have been a fan of hers since I was a young kid and actually remember inviting her to my own Bar Mitzvah. I have seen every live performance she has done in NYC. I only wish I could afford a front row seat ($7000.00) at the Barclay Center performance when she comes back to do her ENCORE performance this summer, but, unfortunately, I can't.

  8. Lovely. I wish they had gone the mile and included an Asian and Latino actor in the group.

  9. lol "Michelle Pfeiffer is the only Cat Woman". How old is that "actress"? For me Cat Woman will always be Eartha Kitt. (I'm trilling the R and I'm purring – in case your wondering).

  10. Barbra is my #1 favorite!!!………….I LOVE YOU BARBRA!!!!

  11. Enjoyed listening to these lovely talented ladies. Especially Barbra. I have been a fan now for let me see, 43 years! Tell me how many talented people can hold on to fans that long?

  12. What a nice post! Thank you for sharing this. Much appreciation from Bangkok, Thailand.

  13. Oooh, how cool was that! Love these ladies…so much beauty, intelligence and power combined. Love to you all!

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