PROOF Ellen DeGeneres Is A Hollywood PSYCHO **shocking**
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Ellen DeGeneres and the Ellen show is one of the most loved shows in america, however Ellen DeGeneres has shown her true colours and that she is not the person she pretends to be.


21 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres Is A Hollywood PSYCHO **shocking proof**

  1. You should put your older video in the description because I looked for it so i could give it a like and it wasnt there…

  2. This guy doesn't understand how television production works. Nothing, absolutely nothing is a surprise. Everything is produced, that means staged. There are riders, contracts, and production meetings for every second of air time. Everything is pre-planed and the celebs are in on it, of course.

  3. Ellen called called out a woman that was stealing from her the woman should have got arrested and all she got was called out idk about you but if someone starts stealing my stuff I would be mad too

  4. Funny that she makes people chew gum before speaking to her, and can't stand the smell of fish? For an entitled
    Rug munching cunt thats hilarious

  5. I've always thought of her as a patronising individual who always gets her way. She's obviously very used to having her way she surrounds herself with those who say YES to her all the time.

  6. I hate Ellen, shes a fucking Mole rat, an ugly fake disgrace I don't know why people like her or why shes famous, shes worth as much as a pile of dirt just looking at her disgust me.

  7. Who the fuck is ellen anyway?….no skills no personality yet she has her own show..

  8. The base of your argument are a bunch of stories on Twitter, which could easily be faked. Your proof doesn’t have any ground. It’s just people word.

  9. Finally, someone calls her out for being the c**t many knew she was. The signs were evident from years ago. Thank you, Kavos!

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