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37 thoughts on “Ellen's Clueless Rant Another Hollywood Preachfest about other people changing when she has 330 Mill

  1. This is a clear sign that money does not buy happiness ! I'd rather be poor and true to myself then rich and miserable like her

  2. She may be a “HollyWeird” celebrity but she is no elitist. Which means she means 💩. That’s why her show is not doing anything because the elitists don’t care about her. She’s finally finding out that all her $330 mil means NOTHING. She better get with God cause she has as many minutes left as you and I Paul….. and they are counting down. 😮😋❤️ Always Grateful❤️

  3. "Its not a fair world" Ellen degremlin
    "Yeah cause you have 330 million dollars" lol🤣 way to slay that troll 👍👍👍

  4. Allen has 330 million freasonic dollars Allan wants change did you see how much he changed when his adrenochrome was cut off from the start of covid to when it streamed with that top on… frazzledrip? Sacrifice bro he sacrificed his friend and drove passed the car the friend was dead in. Money is and always will be a joke I can't believe we use it for trade 😂 people will kill others and sell themselves for a joke. Thanks again Paul.

  5. Gina Rinehart, Australia's richest woman, once proclaimed we could work for $2 p/day and be happy for it. Link in reply just in case they are not allowed here Paul.

  6. I dont think she will have a platform 4 long , as people see her real face behind the mask . Dont see these people helping the the homeless by buying land building logcabin complex with drug clinic doctors psycologists , therapy help , security , and trade training , & a programme for re-introduction to the real world .

  7. The joys of being Satan's puppet. You make a video where you completely humiliate yourself

  8. The decline of the celebrity has been the best entertainment ever, please bring more hopefully Maxwell will spill the beans before her so called suicide watch this space 😍🙏🤣

  9. I would be satisfied if she just shut up stopped preaching to us and enjoyes her material wealth. I guess some people make a deal with the devil to get material wealth and must be given the task of propagandizing the public.

  10. Paul on the treadmill for 20 minutes great story to listen to 🙏 Helps keep me right sized

  11. Seriously can you guys blame the Qtards? Ellen looks like she has a gun to her head. I've never seen someone with a more miserable face, have u?

  12. Hmmmm…looks like ballistic glass in the thumbnail pic? Its nice to be back, catching up with Paul & my family here! I'm learning something new, hebrew language, it's tougher than latin imho!
    I'm happy to hear Kimmel got cancelled…FINALLY! 😀😁😂😃

  13. Compassionate and insightful commentary from Paul Romano. Ellen looks very strange and patronizing (Lockdown/House arrest)?. I do feel sorry for her as she seems disconnected from reality. The money will not resolve her issues . Understanding oneself and Others may help. She has everything and she has Nothing.

  14. VERY SOOOON Ellen boy, YOU'RE gonna FEEL IT AND MAGNIFY 🔎 😨 🔍 ITTT!
    ( If you haven't ALREADY!)
    📹 🎧 📀 < We CAUGHT U!
    Very 🔜 you will 😘 ALOT of your > 💰 bye-bye! 💸

  15. Why does it sound so echoey….it looks like it is sitting outside….gitmo & green screen?

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