If you’ve ever visited Hollywood, you may have taken a driving tour of some of the star-studded neighborhoods, but you’ve never taken one like this! Unbeknownst to her tour group, Ellen took over the microphone in the van to give a less than informative, but certainly hilarious tour! Take a look.


29 thoughts on “Ellen's Hidden Camera Prank on a Hollywood Tour Bus!

  1. The tourists are thinking about how much they paid for the tour, only the driver seem to be having a great time 😂

  2. Ellen is just funny by nature. She is one of those people who you meet and before she says anything you just start laughing because you know it is going to be hilarious.

  3. She made them sit through that, for what an hour just to say, 'oh hi, I'm ellen' then walk into a trailer? not a very good 'prank'.

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