Elon Musk says cancel cancel culture! SJWs and woke Hollywood hate him now!


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30 thoughts on “Elon Musk Says CANCEL CANCEL CULTURE! SJWs & Woke Hollywood HATE Him Now!

  1. Down with cancel culture and bury the leftists Elon musk should leave it behind

  2. Dude! Elon grew up in Southern Africa and is very conservative in a lot of ways. Even with women. Remember his divorce with his first "Canadian" wife?! …. "Either you get happy or it is over". Same goes with his employees. Don't remember the exact quotes but like "either you make yourself happy or you should get happy somewhere else". It is really stupid to think that he is some lefty woke snowflake. He probably hates that fact that he is more in line with conservative (probably Republican) line of thought like his friend Peter Thiel. He is not leftist, that's for sure.

  3. Elon Musk is a business man & wants to get back to work. Employees who work for him want to get back to work to earn a paycheck. This is an unconstitutional lockdown & it has gone on too long.

  4. The wachowskis sister thing 🤣Tesla is welcome In TN just leave the leftist BS in commiforina

  5. when you make a semi tracter go zero to sixty in 5 seconds who cares what brad pitt thinks. i saw a tesla 3 today, very cool,black.

  6. FFS! The SJW main group are aliens, if you can't see an invasion when it occurs to you then you are blind as a bat. I mean come on! White people scream that white people are bad. This is not brainwashing, this is an invasion!

    They showed up with the Mandela effect, if you look at it you clearly see that these "humans" don't behave like humans, they support each other like unity and they want ugliness. This is NOT humans.

    It's invading aliens.

  7. Finally there's a business owner that understands sjws don't support his business and they never will. He realizes that these people have the earning potential of the average flea and therefore will never make anything out of themselves so why bother pandering to them

  8. I honestly think it's all because the rise of the number of people with autism. Ppl with autism take everything literally, so they don't understand jokes, especially edgy jokes, because they think when someone says something awful as a joke they think they mean it and therefor must be a terrible person.

  9. Remember in the original grinch movie when his heart grew 3 sizes and broke the measuring tool. Elon's balls did that about 3 weeks ago. I heard he hired two powerlifters to help carry them around. Elon giving the S*!t Poster in Chief a run for his money.

  10. And no mention about the death of Annie Glenn. But then … knowing your utter ignorance … I'm sort of glad having that level of ignorance confirmed yet again.

  11. Elon Musk has done a RKO on NPCs and turned face like a WWE character!👍👍👍

  12. Says the guy who dated the queen of Cancel Culture herself Amber Heard…he needs to build rockets and STFU. Brilliant guy but if he's not talking science I'm not listening.

  13. Cancel culture works inasmuch as these people keep holding power and influence in the mainstream mass media. The day they can simply speak their minds in social media without anyone pandering to them and giving them jobs and decision power just because, so often regardless of talent and merit, that day cancel culture will stop working and will therefore disappear.

  14. Cancel culture is just societal gentrification. SJW ideology promotes the logic of “We humbly accept everyone so long as we can stereotype them into a type of nonconformity we can approve of”. This sounds like a definitive form of bigotry to me. Cancel Culture is just intolerance with a snazzy, new paint job.

  15. the left will NEVER feel the same way regarding Freedom of Speech. EVER. Total control over our thoughts and words is their ultimate goal.

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