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47 thoughts on “Eminem Praises 50 Cent's Hustle At Hollywood Walk Of Fame Honor

  1. -Kinda cringy considering em was holding off the rest of the event to confess his bromance…

  2. People usually wait to speak at someone’s funeral to make a nice speech like this. They respect eachother you can see it 🤞🏽

  3. I think eminem was stoned in this not even gonna lie like look at his fukin eyes lmao- i mean, he may not consider weed a bad thing like other drugs especially hangin wit dre haha

  4. Eminem: He can juggle. He's good at Scrabble.

    Me: This nigga spittin'

  5. Is not the same Eminem who said some years ago that he regreted signing 50?

  6. @ 2:51, you've never seen anything more rare from a man. em actually laughed, out in public, in front of a crowd of people.

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