Emmy nominated actors teach you everything you need to know to make it in Hollywood, including how (not) to take the best headshot, how to train for acting and how to memorize lines. Featuring William H. Macy, Edie Falco, Jeff Daniels, Ed Harris, Michael Stuhlbarg, Mandy Patinkin, Darren Criss, David Harbour and Alexis Bledel.

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Emmy Nominated Actors Teach You How to Make it in Hollywood | Vanity Fair


25 thoughts on “Emmy Nominated Actors Teach You How to Make it in Hollywood | Vanity Fair

  1. I hope everyone who is here and actually wants to go somewhere in their acting career makes it

  2. I just really want to know how the British actors got their way up to LA because I really want to do that

  3. Half of my career is bc the casting directors found me likable and I'm scared I dont actually have skills.

  4. Is it even possible to do something like this when you dont live in america lol

  5. i would want to be an actor but i hate myself and so could never bring myself to an audition because how would they take ME out of whole people?

  6. Why don't I know who any of these people are, but all I do is watch movies all day?

  7. Title: how to make it in hollywood
    Random actors advice: make it on a hit TV show where you get to act for about 9 seasons
    Me: yeah, soooo how do we do that then😂🤷‍♂️

  8. i always wanted to act i want to go to school for acting, i particioate in many school plays, drama plays i have the passion for acting but my parents wont let me succeed my dream. And i get so frustrated about it!can someone give me an opinion?

  9. I’m sorry but when Frank kept referencing Shameless I squealed every time because I love him so much

  10. For this to have been shot a year ago, I’m disappointed at the lack of diversity.

  11. I want to be an actor because I want to be a part of a cool movie something I’d enjoy watching something that inspires others. I don’t care if I don’t even get paid. I really just enjoy emerging myself into a another individual and my life and actions and looks become the qualities of a new person. To me that’s the heart of acting. ❤️ I really love this part of acting.

  12. anyone ele watching cause of darren criss and cause you grew up watching him on glee

  13. Mandy going, "that's a lie I'm always a nervous wreck" was just too relatable.

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