With everything going on right now, it’s safe to say that the way we consume entertainment will never be the same. In fact, it looks like AMC and movie theaters might completely shut down.

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38 thoughts on “Entertainment has changed forever and Hollywood will never be the same

  1. Dish should take advantage of taking a theatre and call it Blockbuster Cinemas! People still know the name and the employees can wear the uniform of the past.People could go in just for the nostalgia. What do you think?

  2. I don't care. Hollywood sucks, and I don't care what happens to these people or their entertainment anymore.

  3. people are seeing how greedy actors and actresses are and done with that seen maybe people will start to be social again when forced isolation stops the human to human contact

  4. I would be sad is movie theaters closed so many fond memories. Who knows what the future will be

  5. ha Hollywood kinda sucks anyway celebrity are annoying and i have better forms of entertainment than movies

  6. Netflix would be chilling, as long as they keep the crap and good stuff balanced.

  7. I'll still watch movies at home, but I still want the experience and to see certain movies on the big screen.

  8. I mean wrestling was already dead a decade ago, ever since that carrier vs streak match happened I've stopped watching WWE it's not the same anymore.

  9. I haven't been to a movie theater in many years. Many are infested with bedbugs. No, I will pass.

  10. Movies are doomed as long as hollyweird keeps cranking out crappy feminist movies.

  11. Good, also let's finally clean up the swamp in Hollywood. It's time to start with a clean slate and have certain undesirable members of our society pay for their crimes.

  12. God what the hell happened to hollywood? They used to be kick ass and cared for nothing, intentionally broke the law to make the best movie they could. Now everyone in hollywood is just woke, only care about the money and paner to china

  13. It will be the same. People didn't suddenly became all geniuses, gained passive telepathy, became immortal and able to pass their whole memory to their children by DNA alone. It will be forgotten, it will be corrupted and it will be burned to ashes like all other memories. You're awfully optimistic:D

  14. Entertainment has always been used against the people but when it becomes as weaponized as it is now…time to tell China to gtfo!

  15. As a Bluray collector, I wonder if this will be good for us? Or is it all going to go to streaming?

  16. It's anywhere from $40-$60 bucks easy to watch a movie if you add food and drinks expenses

  17. .. Needless to say i saw something like this coming years before the wuhan-virus outbreak. I warned my family, They didnt listen to shit and pretended everything would go on as things had forever – Then this happens, Now its too late for them to pre plan for anything like this or warn others. Its funny how some people will cover their ears and yell loudly to pretend things wont change, And then they always do in small ways..

  18. I'm more into the down to earth Independent films anyway. Without the liberal propaganda of course!

  19. But then isnt that the problem.
    Here in the West we've gone with making money from property and entertainment.
    Almost all manufacturing has gone to China or 3rd world countries.

    This virus should show how vulnerable we have made ourselves!
    How important manufacturing in our home country is! even if the costs are higher.
    This is what capitalism has done, in search for higher profits, they moved menial but important jobs to cheap labour 3rd world world countries.

    So now we in the West have very little manufacturing, whilst China has ample, enough to supply their own people and sell to us at high prices cos of the demand!

  20. My sister told me of a multiplex theater in her city that set up a big screen outside and they show older movies and cartoons in a drive-in style where you can use the bathrooms one car at a time or order food and have it delivered to your car.

  21. bring back drive in theaters, i miss those and with the tech of today it would be better then the clunky stuff they use to have.

  22. We survived World War fucking 2, this is a large blip. But it's no goddamn World War 2.

  23. We needed this. The entertainment we have been getting is garbage. Reboots and remakes and sequel after sequel.. Take a classic movie and replace the male characters with angry feminists and transexuals. What could go wrong? Sports have gotten so soft they aren't entertaining anymore.

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