Cast members from Love and Hip Hop New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Hollywood who have all had their share of drama in the studio.


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45 thoughts on “Every Time Someone Had Drama In The Studio | Love & Hip Hop

  1. I've never seen this Bobbi thing, how that little toothpick was trying to slip away was hilarious 😆

  2. Bobby doesn't even speak the same anymore with his fake teeth. And how can Lyrica talk about fake anything when that's all she is? Lol

  3. Blaze was absolutely in the right. I agree with the people in the comments on this.

    Also, I do not care for Masika(I hope I spelled her name right), but Brandy was straight fucked up for coming at her like that. I would have straight shut her down if I was her husband. Like you're fucking with a potential check, girl. Slow your roll.

    All of these… Ugh. I love this show so damn much. It wasn't what it use to be though.

    Joseline and Dime? Fucking classic moment. Jessica is so damn breathtakingly beautiful. I would have definitely paid for a ton of dances if I lived around where she use to work. Haha.

  4. Prince is in the same closet that da brat was in , in the 90s. I really need bruh to come out

  5. She a real friend lmao busted up in that studio defending her friend!love it💪😂💯

  6. lyrica would beat up k michelle.
    kimberly just run her horse teeth mouth but got no hands

  7. It's good they make these shows so people can see how the music life really is. Cringe worthy.

  8. Erica used that same "reference" track for her "performance" LMAO. we all remember her REAL voice…
    Max and his "i eat cement" teef wanted Masika , obvious by how he was looking at her.
    I'll keep my other thoughts to myself.

  9. Brandi is all bark but no bite just saying masika was there to do a song. And Brandi man got no teeth in his mouth lol 😂

  10. Trina tired ass would have been snapped on. Your album ain’t out because no one in your circle believes in it as much as you do.

  11. Love and hip hop isn’t for me anymore, there’s to much negative energy for me.

  12. This show ratchet as hell, but let’s blame everyone else on our problems 🙄You know we can see you👀People everywhere need to stop lying to themselves. And stop expecting everyone to react the way your manipulative momma did.

  13. 13:16 “your ass is actually in the wrong place, you know why because this is a place for artists” BOBBY ATE

  14. -I don't think Trina was wrong… The way she put it was kinda harsh, but the same point still stands behind it. You can't use her sources to make undercover moves to benefit yourself, all the while not doing what your actual job is to ASSIST. That's unprofessional and comes off as you're not genuinely trying to help her, but just trying to use her for a come up and for your own benefit.

  15. I don't know why but whenever Dime says Shenelica it cracks me up 😁. Blaze was not wrong here or when she grabbed Strawberry No Cake.

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