Celebrities continue to show how out of touch they are with regular people, and we are sick of it!

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22 thoughts on “Everyone hates celebrities | The age of Hollywood is OVER

  1. Don’t really think Celebrity Culture is going anywhere. Hollywood’s popularity has been dying for a while. I don’t know any actor that became popular in the 2010s that has even an ounce of the fans older actors did. Singers and youtubers are much more obsessed over, and I don’t see that dying at all.

  2. Maybe the Wuhan Coronavirus is the cleansing we needed to rid us from the Hollywood elites and the corporate MSM.

  3. Actors aren’t necessary for life I liked movies but what’s the point when reboots, SJW and cash grabs fucked it all up

  4. What must go up, must come down.
    Those whove been living in the ether devoid of any criminal justice, which most who live in the ether cloud HAVE HAD to contribute too. Will be forced to live out a reality they never thought they would.

    Remember all the stories of wishes made to be rich and famous. Where the devil held a blood contract for their soul.

    You thought that was just a story.

    Hell is a reality that will be Celebrity and Wealthiest facing the common people with no adoration.

  5. Actors have lost their ability to be humble they now consider themselves above everyone which frankly will not help them burn in hell you uppity self indulgent morons you forget your place

  6. Let's not forget The Call of the Wild, that proved that Harrison Ford's name is worthless in Hollywood too. What strange, exciting times we live in. The gods are being overthrown. 😁👍🏾

  7. I don’ understand, you are against movies’ industry or Hollywood in general

  8. People put a buncha rich idiots on a pedestal because they thought they had the same qualities the characters they portray have. Reality is finally kicking in.

  9. When I look at Celebrities I just wonder which ones are pedophiles now. Ricky Gervais was the one who lit the fuse.

  10. Can we just separate Keanu Reeves and Joaquin Phoenix from the hollywood cult. Those guys are genuinely good! They love acting, but hate being famous and rich.

  11. There are a few celebs who still act with some class and respect. Keanu Reeves comes to mind. But yes the majority of them are very out of touch, elitist, and act like jerks. Hollywood falling apart is only justice for all the corrupt awful things is has caused.

  12. I completely disagree with you in that they will be back. It will be the wilfully lemmings seeking out familiarity which is comforting for them that will keep it going.

    Sure the celebrity culture took it on the chin, but those that walk away from them were already half way out the door anyways. In 10 years there will be little different to 10 weeks ago. It may take time though.
    I am in agreement, it is fun to see them receive a reality check.

  13. The age of Hollywood is over HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh… you are adorable….

  14. celebs posting counter culture rants are still versions of attention whoring. it's similar to film critics' whose schtick is hating on movies (hi Adum & friends)

    It's like…. oh Ricky Jervais said mean things to hollywood actorbs during his last stint hosting the oscars. big whoop. he's still doing it to get attention.

    I'll accept that the age of celebrity worship has ended when hollywood goes out of business and the reboot-quel-pocalypse is over.

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