Sinning CinemaSins’ Once Upon A Time In Hollywood video.




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Disclaimer: I actually REALLY enjoy CinemaSins, and am only making fun of them here. I do not hate them, nor am I a “hater”. This video is all in good fun.


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26 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With CinemaSins: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in 17 Minutes or Less

  1. Using the real Sharon Tate in the film reels at the movie theater was a stylistic choice to show that Sharon Tate was the actress in that movie even though Margot Robbie plays are in the movie that we are watching. Show me Leonardo DiCaprio instead of Steve McQueen what is a choice made for the movie because its corresponding with Rick Dalton Tell me somebody that he auditioned and almost got the part for that movie. It was meant to show a scene that within this universe Rick Dalton actually filmed before he was replaced by Steve McQueen for the final production.

  2. So real talk: What was the outro song, I absolutely recognize and cant place it.

  3. Don't normally say this about films but if people got offered at this then they simply just didn't understand the film

  4. Excellent content, but why not ditch that disclaimer? You don't need to explain yourself to anyone.

  5. Dude, I love your channel. I can’t stand CinemaSins, Jeremy is a condescending asshat. I don’t care if these are “just jokes” that guy deserves to be called out every chance you get. Consider me Subbed!

  6. Meh. Still straw-grasping for channel popularity. Between you and cinema-wins, it’s difficult to decide who’s worse. Can’t say you’re yanking ideas since all three of you are leaching off Hollywood for content, but Jeremy did it first, and in a unique style. You and Cinema-wins are just sapping up Jeremy’s leftovers.

  7. CS got me through my first deployment back when the videos where short and actually fun to watch. Then they started becoming lame ass jokes and straight up manipulation. I love when birdmizzle points the scene manipulation out! I’ve since started watching BM, I don’t like when people go Hollywood with the art.

  8. I mean, I hated this movie, but sinning that clorious scene of the Mansons being brutally killed, especially the flame thrower, deserves way more than 10 sins!

  9. So if that whole thing about “weight classes is true” is that why hulk is the strongest avenger?

  10. great video! i know a LOT about the manson murders and seeing jeremy sin the things he was sinning made me so annoyed! especially the piggy and pool scene. 10/10 vid!

  11. I was honestly wondering why they didn't insert Margot Robbie in that scene (except in that behind the scenes shot they made when she was training with Bruce Lee which made me forgive it) but when you explained what happened, I was like: damn 


  12. Plus, they made it the same font to make it look as thought Sony did own that company back then which I thought was clever. CinemaSins are just fucking party poopers.

  13. oh my god, if Jeremy can't understand the mechanics of showing the Lancer sequences before Rick breaks character, I cannot imagine him trying to watch an Abbas Kiarostami movie

    Kiarostami does this thing for ENTIRE MOVIES

    He'll have movies that are about filming days for certain scenes and shots on the movie or about events that he accidentally caught while making another movie

  14. 5:23
    The sin there is that something happened between the nice weather at night and the nice weather during the day to damage the a antenna…what was it? Jeremy may be manipulating the scene though…
    I think Rick says what happened but I don't remember.

  15. I thought the flashback scene was a "hypothetical" that Cliff was making up in his head, I mean either way the story works and overall the details of Cliffs backstory are the same, but I thought calling it a "flashback" was a misunderstanding on CinemaSins part.

    The nature of it being a hypothetical would be to play up Cliffs ego, but if it is in fact a flashback then it still works as a scene…

    Is this just a problem with my interpritation?

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