David Letterman divulged to Ellen that he attempted to say hello to tourists taking a celebrity homes tour in Hollywood, but they didn’t recognize they had come face to face with the legendary talk show host. Plus, the comedian commended Ellen on her Netflix standup special “Relatable,” and shared a how he waits for his son Harry to say something funny in order to write new jokes.



23 thoughts on “EXTENDED – David Letterman Went Unnoticed by Hollywood Tourists

  1. U see him on the streets u might think he is homeless but he is billion million .?

  2. I see letterman all the time on the street. He does stick out and looks like a neanderthal man and so tall. But he's incognito.

  3. Nice beard Dave hmmm i seem to remember him teasing a certain actor about his beard called him the Oklahoma bomber as i recall , hey dave Grizzly Adams called needs a stunt dubble

  4. Where's my Easter Island People? hahaaha. The Man is Genius without the Wheels!!! Make me wonder if he set that up ten minutes ago!! ⚡️💯❤️💥✨🎥🎬

  5. It’s good to see him running around, just being funny because he wants to be.

  6. His stammering & repeating phrases is taking up more time than what he actually says

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