Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard, where we set out to remember and celebrate the lives of those who lived to entertain us, by visiting their final resting places. Today we’re exploring Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where we’ll find such stars as Judy Garland, Clifton Webb, Norma Talmadge, and many more.

Full list of stars visited today: Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon, Jerry Siegel, Ann Sheridan, Lana Clarkson, Lucille Bliss, Joan Hackett, Carl Stalling, Charles Chaplin Jr, Mildred Harris, Victor Fleming, Norma Talmadge, Natalie Talmadge, Constance Talmadge, Clifton Webb, Jesse Lasky, Darla Hood, Judy Garland, Nelson Riddle.

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Music by: Giuseppe Vasapolli

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39 thoughts on “FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR – Hollywood Forever #1 (Judy Garland, Clifton Webb, etc.)

  1. Is this the one you’ve all been waiting for? I hope you enjoy it! And if you’re in Florida, please be safe!

  2. That strip mall houses one of my jobs offices. The end building that butts up against Hollywood Forever is WIC. In a few occasions when we enter at 4am and visit that office, we hear weird noises. I have seen things that just cannot be explained.

  3. Oh, man…just got AHS inspiration vibes from the "What could be more Hollywood that watching a movie surrounded by the graves of those who made those movies?"…show/episode concept. People coming to watch and the spirits of the greats commenting on how there's a full house tonight, and diva-ing it up about how they still got it…the tragic stories or complicated ties coming in to play in the events of the evening or show or season. Could base the season on the owners of the property or on business people involved in dealing with it…or the caretaker and fellow staff..IDK, but it's creepy enough with all those people there none the less. It looks pretty well kept. Very clean and grounds well maintained and decoratively designed. The minute I heard sanctuary of light I thought, oh..bet that's where Judy Garland is.

  4. Of course the legendary Judy Garland is the major must see visiting this cemetery

  5. I didn’t know Carl Stalling was the one who put the music for the skeleton dance

  6. Why do some people have their bodies cremated? That doesn't make sense to me!

  7. Thank you for visiting the crypt of Actress Joan Hackett.She's my absolute favorite actress. She is largely forgotten in today's times but her performances have always captivated me.She had this cute little nervous bubbly style of acting in her roles which I always thought was charming.Some of her performances include "Will Penney" (1968),"Support Your Local Sheriff" (1967)," Only When I Laugh" (1981),"Reflections of Murder" (1974),and my personal favorite "The Last Of Shelia" (1973).Her TV roles include apperances on "Taxi","The Love Boat" and many more television roles.I discovered her by watching a 1962 TV show version of the film "Rebecca" on her appearance alongside Actor James Mason in the sixties tv show "Theatere 62".She was sadly diagnosed with ovarian cancer in late 1981 but bravely got up from her wheelchair to accept a Golden Globe Award for her role as Toby Landau in "Only When I Laugh" in 1982.She died on October 8,1983 of ovarian cancer in an Encino Hospital.A lifelong Catholic,Joan's funeral mass was held at Saint Victor Catholic Church in Hollywood with numerous celebrities in attendance.She was entombed in a crypt in the Abbey of Psalms Mausoleum later that day. Her epitaph is in reference to her love and deep belief of beauty sleep.

    Side Note: Joan's eldest sister,Theresa Hackett, is entombed immediately to the right of Joan.She died on September 19,1984,almost one year after Joan's death.

  8. Been long time subscribers and we wish you would make sure to narrate the birth/death date, and cause of death. We can't read the dates on some of the markers. Please Wiki the cause of deaths for your narration if you don't have the info. Please…✝✝✝🙏🙏

  9. I heard that Liza Minelli moved Judy's remains into a more remote and not accessible area these days!!

  10. There are so many to recall from The Golden Age of Hollywood.. Professional ,talented,  with the  real American spirit that loved  our country.  They are missed.

  11. At 20:41 — Peacock Crossing. For a split second, you might (perhaps) just think .. "Alligator". Of course, if this were Florida, well then—- !!!

  12. Damn wish I would have visit here just stayed at an apartment next to the cemetery when I stayed in Los Angeles

  13. Judy died penniless. It’s nice to see her daughters (I assume) spent a great deal of money moving her to Hollywood Forever cemetery. A beautiful tribute to a super star.

  14. Judy Garland is part of my childhood every Thanksgiving they would play the Wizard of Oz especially way before there was cable t.v

  15. I'm really surprised there's no charismatic T- Rex's in this episode FUCK ME they're all ancient. This kid really likes his DINOSAURS . Arthur Dark my ass more like BUGSEY MALONE!!!!!!!LOL

  16. Yes this is old, but still very informative! TY for sharing this with us.

  17. Thank you Cassidy Brothers for stepping up and helping the cemetery keep the Holden Image that it had fallen away from!

  18. Have you done Whitney Houston yet? I’m going to New Jersey next month and I want to go see her grave.

  19. Only had time to see Rudolph Valentino there in 2012 and didn't know about Kari's tour then. This was very interesting . Thank you. 🙂

  20. I bursted out crying when you showed Judy's grave. Her story was tragic. Rest in peace beautiful goddess😭💕I need to visit her when I get the chance.

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