Fantasmic! is a nighttime spectacular that is performed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. It mixes characters, projections on water screens, lasers, and fireworks in Mickey’s battle against the Disney villains, a true battle of good vs. evil.

I hope you enjoy this multi-camera 4K edit of the Fantasmic!


32 thoughts on “Fantasmic! – Disney's Hollywood Studios (4K)

  1. In my opinion this is exactly what should’ve happened in Mickey’s House of villains but oh well what are you gonna do

  2. Sort of had a feeling some villains would show up that makes it a little more entertaining for me this is a great show better than I expected

  3. i had a fast pass for this show and I still ended way in the very back. still ended up being incredibly immersive. Those who complain about HEA being too modern, just watch this.

  4. Nobody mentions how John Smith's rope malfunctioned and he was like "Screw this." and he just walked back into the rocks? 😅

  5. I wish the world like Disney world.replace hate with kindness.all people in Disney world lot of kind people.everyone enjoy themselves. With laughter.disney world make you feel good.

  6. I'm pretty sure if you like this, you will love the Tokyo Disneyland's version of Fantasmic as well… so sad it's going to end in March

  7. I went to Disney with my school in November and saw this, we went to Hollywood studios our first day and obviously we saw Fantasmic. Basically every show we saw after we held up to the expectations of Fantasmic😂

  8. Are those performers on top of the mountain swinging at the top of the mountain during the jungle book segment?

  9. First time I watched this I cried. I don't know I just cried. I guess I was inspired and greatful to be there. Second time I nearly cried tried not to because my family thought it was funny and still remind me of this and how I was blubbering on my way out to this day whenever fantasmic is mentioned

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