Moniece recaps the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 Reunion and her current status with Fizz and Apryl.

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36 thoughts on “Farewell Moniece ☕ The Morning After Spill | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. I fux with you girl cuz you A real one. It’s a lot of us women going through some hard shit but it’s only to make us stronger and wiser for the future.

  2. This is why I LOVE moniece!! She gives us ….. THE REAL……. ALWAYS💜🙏🏻💜🙌🏻👑👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. My 1st x seeing her through this interview…. And already I like her personality.
    I appreciate her , being sincere about mental health….
    Leaving 'Love & Hip Hop' could be the best thing for her career and dignity.
    I feel her journey is now moving forward in a true ascension of Gods speed. I wish her Happiness, Health & Peace. I feel 'Love. & Hip Hop' is a toxic show that promotes emotional egos.
    And real talented stars bitch slapping for pay. The show portrays talented ppl far from producing their true talents. While creating added problems. And maybe, a pay check away from struggling, while being exposed to live.

  4. I love you!! I'm so glad you are doing what's best for your mental health. You are always in my prayers and I wish you well ❤❤

  5. Beautiful eloquent mesmerizing enchanting etc etc. Long live moniece
    Bless up livestrong xoxo

  6. Call me selfish but … I love Mo.. I know she needs to be away from this franchise to get her mental health in order and also take off in the music industry .. but the selfish side of me is going to miss seeing her on the show! If she ever does come back, y'all need to focus on her talent! She's given us enough of everything else! Love you Mo!

  7. Ppl are Gina want to do a story on her after her facility stint!! She’ll be ok she’s a strong bird!! Very beautiful ppl are very jealous of her energy her nice energy that is!! She’s powerful ❤️

  8. Withdough Moneice how long will Teenie Fizzle Pop and Apryl Jones last on the show……….Moneice was a big part of their storyline….. No one really cares for them and their situationship…..

  9. Moniece, we've watched you mature over all this time. You have outgrown all this drama. Good luck to you and it is definitely time for you to move on from this show. Focus on YOU…solid you, mommy, etc. ❤

  10. i wish the best for Mo! which is weird bc I didn't like her at all in the beginning of her journey on l&hh, yet now I legit ride for her. iv defended Mo against acquaintances talking the shits, as if she was my bffl or somethin lol but damn I relate so much to her & what she's going thru w mental health that iv come to really like, respect, admire & appreciate Moniece 💁🏻‍♀️

  11. The shows viewings will decline . Drastically… not watching anymore.

  12. Moniece please come back. I hope you get broke and come back I won’t watch the show no more without u innit

  13. In all honesty, I think she really is a good person. She's HONEST about her depression, and not a lot of people are. I battle depression as well and just talked to a counselor about some issues I had. I will look into getting more therapy through my job. Moniece will be ok, she just needs to take one step at a time and continue her healing process.

  14. i’m glad she left the show and is focusing on bettering herself. apryl and fizz won’t have a storyline next season without mo. actually..i hope they’re not even on it.

  15. Wow I just realized Moniece looks like a black version of Halsey. Like they could be twins.

  16. I'm going to miss you moniece and I wish you the best girl.💯🎙🎵🎧🎸🎸🎶🎶💝🎥💷🙏💋❣💗👋💖🎬💍💄🔥💪💰🎞📽📽

  17. Moniece rules and I love you moniece and you are my favorite on the show.💍💄🔥🔥💪💰🎞📽🎬💖👋💗❣💋🙏💷🎥💝🎶🎸🎸🎧🎼🎵🎙🎙💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  18. *Moniece is SO GORGEOUS! I hope she ends up a spokesperson for cosmetics, or beauty products…Everyone pulls the "crazy" card on her, because they know there is no other way to contest her outer beauty. Her defensive combative reputation, is pure defense. She should just relax mentally, and not say much. She would appear more secure and powerful. Mother, Model, & start a business Moniece…#YOLO
    PS …Marry an affluent ethnically different man…Broaden your horizons. Think Italy, France, Africa…. #GoodLuck 😉

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