Tatiana Derovanessian of dreamliving|LA® tours her client Cathy, a stylist, through three homes newly developed by the ANR Signature Collection. Watch as they go from Bel Air to Beverly Hills to the Outpost Estates in the Hollywood Hills. Which one will Cathy fall in love with?

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Tatiana Derovanessian
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49 thoughts on “Find Me A Luxury Home – Bel Air/Beverly Hills/Hollywood Hills – Episode 8

  1. 'married well, divorced well…'
    line up gents she is single and looking to marry well again

  2. I like all the houses, but it will take me a fes years to get one like this

  3. Why must one or two people live in 7000sq feet or more of living space in a home? My brother and his wife did that….they were miserable. Downsized and living a great life. The rich must always live on a mountain with a view that make them feel they own the city. Or, at the beach where only the rich has access to it. As a Florida resident, eventually the ocean will swallow the mansions along our coastline. The fires will destroy the California mansions. Sure wish we all could have lived on this planet with thoughts of saving our planet.

  4. I can't imagine being an empty nester in such a large house. I'd be so lonely. but they look amazing.

  5. dream about it guys. if you are rich enough one day. buy a house like that and throw in a pool of pornstar

  6. Damn!!! People really got money, eh?

    I have never seen a bathroom with a balcony dafuq.

  7. rich girls need their girls friends so much cause no one else has time to kill or is interested in their bragging

  8. All I can concentrate on is the fact that I am in love with those boots ! Please tell me where you got the from !!!

  9. House #1 is the best….. the Hollywood one isn’t private…..too many homes around it.

  10. I dont get why any house has 10 bathrooms..especially for 7 bedrooms. Absolute waste of space and resources
    And money

  11. I'm torn between a traditional home like the Paul Newman home we saw in a different video…..and very modern. The modern I am thinking of is gray concrete towering walls. The kind of place where you have next to zero decor. Only minimal pieces. Something from the future. Pretty odd that I am torn between both. The problem with traditional homes is that they take LOADS and LOADS of stuff to fill them up. And then you keep buying new stuff and getting rid of the old. That's why the futuristic modern home is appealing to me.

  12. EMPTY nester NEEDS over 6THOUSAND SQ.FT? WHY? I don't know, I understand wanting luxury BUT, YOUR ALONE, does a person REALLY need ALL that? It just seems like a touch too much.

  13. I loved house; excuse me Mansion number 3; but she chose Mansion number 1!! Quite lovely!

  14. I'd really want a separate tour of the second house. It is so my style. I like it for the same reason the woman didn't. It's not an open concept and it's got a maze feel. And it's a multi level!!! Ohhh if i had wealth…

  15. Who like me?? Thinking about the money earned by the realtor in every house like this one!

  16. Which one will you go for, if I fund you? House no1, house no2 or house no3?

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