The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Roxborough chats with Finn Wolfhard about his short film ‘Rules for Werewolves,’ based on the Kirk Lynn novel.

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19 thoughts on “Finn Wolfhard Talks New Film 'Rules for Werewolves' | The Hollywood Reporter

  1. I wrote this screenplay, not the camp man from Texas. I handed it to Finn. Glad he has learned to lie on camera. Also narrated Ghostbusters plot to Paul Rudd on my doorstep. I pitched the concept to Tom Cruise on my Doorstep after an introduction by Henry Cavill. Good to see The Hollywood Reporter engaged in propaganda as usual.

    Yours sincerely

    The Heartbreak Prince of Luton, Bedfordshire

  2. Me Finn please do a live video cuz I'm a BIG fan But I whut to go to a band But you don't do that so FRICK Fin ok ? I'm scared is she my I'm 7 your 17 ok I fill that I'm a stockr I'm not a Gold digr

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