A visit to the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles California to check out the all new Back To The Future Trilogy exhibit . A massive collection of props and artifacts from the films . Afterwards stopped by the Hollywood Show in Burbank to add a couple signatures to my poster .


41 thoughts on “First Ever Back To The Future Trilogy Exhibit at Hollywood Museum / Meeting The Cast of Films & MORE

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    A day full of BTTF fun . I recommend anyone in the Los Angeles area that’s into the trilogy check out the exhibit , it was better than I expected . Topped off the day by meeting a couple from the cast I’ve been needing for my poster .

  2. That's so cool. I was there about this time last year for Monsterpalooza 2019. And while there went to this museum. This floor had DC Superhero stuff as the main exhibits when I was there.

  3. it must suck BIG TIME to be in poor Eric Stoltz's shoes. millimeters & seconds from becoming a bona fide moviestar. but i love MJF he is and will always be Marty McFly.

  4. Yes, Wild Gunman was an actual arcade game and was ported to the NES. It used the NES Zapper controller.

  5. Have you visited Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum? He has a HUGE collection of authentic on screen Ghost Buster movie props.

  6. Best movie ever made like all so many watched them well over 50 times mostly part 1-2. they should remake more future films

  7. SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER!!!!!! How cool is that that you got to meet her . How long has it taken to get all those autographs on that poster

  8. OMG when is the exhibit? I was there last year… wish I can fly back to Hollywood now.

  9. Nice tour of the convention exhibits…wow..i didn't know they had that merchandise…alot of great movie props ..i would nerd out here …awesome cast meets..really enjoyed this..thanks for sharing

  10. what a way to ruin a great signed poster . why would you ever have them put your name on it ? total novice move on your part.. not only does it take up real-estate , your name is all over it a dozen times.. Adam..

  11. "Save the clocktower" such a little scene but the meet was awsome… Thanks for sharing your tour.

  12. It's a confusing and debatable subject about exploring that universe again…
    I would love to see a 4th. Of course with ONLY original cast members… But also on the same side of the coin this universe should be explored more in some way… For maybe the next generation…

    I don't know… I just always feel like there should be more.

  13. Impressive……………. Most impressive!! I've only got Bob and Tom on mine, hoping to get Alan Silvestri tonight 🙂

  14. The chapel o love is when Jennifer gets stuck in the future house and can't get out. It's on the table with other photos but it's the one she picks up and says i get married at the chapel o love?

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