Episode 46. I try to find a shortcut to the Hollywood Sign and come mighty close to getting hurt.


38 thoughts on “Five Minutes with Mike • Shortcut to Hollywood Sign

  1. You get better and closer views of the Hollywood sign if you enter 6084 Mulholland Highway in your GPS.

  2. Dude!! You really ARE a dumb ass….. Embarrassing to even put this vid up.
    which shows truly what a MORON you are…….

  3. this should be on discovery channel.  it's nearly as good as any other reality television show I've seen.  give this man a paycheck!  excellent action at the end!

  4. I had to stop  this at 2:22… this is freakin hilarious!! I'm literally lol! Ok, lets watch the rest, can hardly wait.

  5. Please put orgonite somewhere near the towers of the hollywood sign. Turn dor into por. Orgonite malibu and the Santa Monica pier. Orgonite all of california. I woild think a lot has already been done. I sell pyramid tower busters on ebay.

  6. Jesus Mike, that was some scary shit but thankfully you made it out alive and in one piece. Or else we'd have to buy a grave mark for you next to that one dead chick up. But thankfully that won't be the case.

  7. Your videos are the reason I go on the internet. Thank you for your comments and neuroticism. You make me feel like there are more people like me. Sorry if that comment was a backhanded compliment. Regardless, I like your videos.

  8. LMAO, I think Mike in Hollywood and Survivorman in Noway are equally as scared going down a mountain.

  9. Wow, you finally uploaded another video. The wait between them is not appreciated.

  10. YOU WERE SO CLOSE! The water container thing is maybe 20 feet from the road/trail (Mt. Lee Drive). It's much easier to just take Beachwood all the way up, though, which I think is how you started off. The trail loops around the hill before coming back to the LA-facing side. You end up above the Hollywood sign where a smaller, less awe-inspiring sign attached to a chain link fence reads:NO HIKING ALLOWED TO THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN. It's a nice walk, though, and there's sometimes horses.

  11. Theres a big ass fence around it, and cameras and motion sensors on it, if you go under the fence (it's dug out in a couple places) they'll tell you to leave over the speaker system. Alot of people go up there to touch it.

  12. That girl was born about 8 months before I was born. And I have a gay friend that lives close to the Hollywood sign. He posts pictures all the time on Facebook of it. Instagram style with weird ass filters.

  13. I dont live around the area, but how guarded is the sign? I imagine people would tag the shit out of it

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