Moniece challenges Fizz on their co-parenting relationship, and they discuss whether or not there’s stability in Kam’s life.


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24 thoughts on “Fizz Tells Moniece He Wants Full Custody | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. So basically Moniece a li off. But I understand and respect what she saying

  2. lol when Moniece started walking up to Fizz Apryl was ready to run in other words she a nasty coward and can’t talk up in ppl face she even said it on live she a gold digger and it’s so sad that ame’i n megaa plus Omari have to deal but moniece gonna get back up and everyone including apryl gonna be begging for her forgiveness fizz mess up and he know damn well if he took full custody he wouldn’t give him back moniece I love u and I’m praying gods gonna bless you and your son w a miracle and fizz gonna wish he was still hitting it LMAO.Apryl just want Omarion back.moniece u got beautiful son and fizz I used to really think mo was evil but this season I kinda see a different side of you y’all need to get it together work it out cause at the end of the DAY y’all once loved each other and now have a child so.. stop tryna get Apryl to Love you and she only want you to “beat it up” and wants to use you as a public pawn. Moniece has been through it and you always pick the other women before you stand up for the girl that gave you LIFE who got your back from day one man see now I know why Mo don’t or Can’t bother w you ,y’all is disgusting and do this to get money and i wanna hug Moniece cause she going through it while you probably soaking in a bubble bath with goddamn mister crabs daughter I’m so mad I don’t remember her name lol Lol 😂 👏🏽🔥🔥🔥 mo you Da BOMB and this is just a page out of a book .

  3. Moniece is a true Pisces when our feelings are being involved and nobodies here's us we just go to 1000 I felt her pain ❤️❤️

  4. Apryl needed to be on hush because she doesn’t even have custody of her kids

  5. 1:27 I feel like he changed his answer in front of the cameras because behind closed doors he probably told her no. You can see it in her face, this is the first she’s hearing that.

  6. She’s too much, she has deep ass issues like mental health issues. She needs help ASAP.

  7. Fizz doesn't deserve a woman no matter what he treated his his ex I can't remember her name but she was in marriage bootcamp. He couldn't even hug the girl after he heard about her pass. He doesn't care he is going to get his one day.

  8. Hes a dick. How shes telling u to take care of ure son when shes not mentality good and u say no. Bro thats only hurting ure son cuz ure son is surrounded by a women who begging for help and ure not doing anything I really feel for moniece I love u girl

  9. She is literally telling Fizz "I need help because something aint right" and his response is that she needs to get help. This fool does not listen!

  10. Mental illness is no joke but be foreal I feel Fizz. Moniece been playing dat she need help card since season 1 nd Prolly before nd he's jus at da point now like its been damn near a decade nd u keep saying u need mental help but not doin nothin bout it so of course u get to da point u get tired of it. Like a crackhead keep saying dey need to get clean but decade later after numerous times they been offered help u still get high nd eventually people that tried to help u get fed up nd get to da point thry don't wanna hear it so u gotta go help yaself

  11. “Be fully accountable that you’re mentally not right” ? Smh & to think I used to have the biggest crush on him 🤦🏽‍♀️👎🏾

  12. I’m just happy that the comments are dragging fizz. How heartless can he be smh

  13. She has played victim for years and has excuses for her being a bad friend, mom, baby mom etc. She had never really been able to provide a stable environment for her son and there has been proof of that. She is the worst kinda parent .. excuses up the ying yang. Suck it up and stop talking crap to the one whos helped you the most when it comes to taking care of your son.

  14. He’s using her depression as ammunition to force her to sign over full custody? He is evil and nasty! Karma is a bitch 🙌🏽

  15. I think that Moniece is scared not to hand over her son to Fizz and give him custody, but that she won't see her son again. I can tell from her questioning, it seems that he has been reluctant to share custody of his his son in the past and that's what she doesn't want. I miss the early seasons Fizz ☹ the one who had her back and wanted the best for all three of them

  16. I understand both point of views. Bottom line is Fizz needs to be more sensitive and supportive when it comes to her mental health issues but it's hard to do if Moniece isn't coming what's best for herself mentally. She should not be on reality tv at all.

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