Pretty much done and working! Ready for March!! Hello Stars! (And yes the program has TWO intro modes, one as you see here and another that ends with “Shadoe’s” square!


13 thoughts on “Flash Hollywood Squares 1.0

  1. Really love the music from the Davidson version of Squares. 🙂 Would it be OK if I downloaded some of your vids so that I can incorporate the music and/or sound effects for my game show powerpoints for parties? Nothing for YouTube or anything, and if video it would mostly be family memories or vids NOT posted online.

  2. Well done.  I have always been a fan of the Davidson Squares and I must say this was well done job!

  3. The show is owned by MGM since it was a Heatter-Quigley show but that is only for the Marshall and Davidson versions. The Bergeron version is co-owned by Sony Pictures Television and CBS Television Distribution.

  4. Thanks! The other intro is the same except the last photo box stays on the screen before going to the logo.

  5. hello. There's a a new version of the Hollywood Squares. played in the Third Season.

  6. @HWM09 No, Sony owns "Hollywood Squares" the show, but the Davidson version was last owned by MGM I believe.

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