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45 thoughts on “Former Child Star Says He's Going To Expose Hollywood

  1. Of course this video is demonetized

    Thanks for sharing and liking to help this video get traction

    – Jeremy

  2. Does he have a new direct to video movie coming out or something?
    he's been claiming he's going to expose hollywood for years now

    if he actually knew anything he would have been suicided Clinton style by now

  3. From what I understand is that the doc didn't air on the site and the site actually crashed, was offline. People on Twitter are messaging him about it because they did pay and didn't get anything.

    The other problem with Feldman is that he's a huge flipflopper, one day he says this and the next he says something else. He claims Haim was abused by Charlie Sheen but Haim's mother apparently says this is not true and that it's another man that did it.

  4. He has been saying this for a long time now…dude better get on it before they off him…

  5. A person who lays in bed eating cookies and milk with children not his own is not an amazing human being.

  6. Corey Feldman has said this multiple times throughout the years and he's never fully delivered.

  7. talk talk talk. Feldman has promised for 10 years to reveal names. He still hasn't said anything. Just talk talk talk

  8. Corey Feldman is a cheesy fucker who is monetizing his abuse. The guy is an absolute clown.

  9. This story is dumb and doesn’t have credibility. Feldman is a junkie drunk and is broke and trying to exploit the tabloid entertainment culture for a few bucks.

  10. Also California hasn't had a statute of limitation since 1996 and never had one on rape or murder.
    He's full of crap..

  11. Yeah I don't believe him he tried coming back to lost boys in 2010 if that movie was surrounded with a traumatic situation why would he come back to it?
    He's a failed b movie actor with no talent he's just trying to hop on the "pound me too" movement to get in the spotlight.

  12. Corey has been surprisingly consistent in his reporting. Charlie Sheen raping Haim surprises just about no one. Haim died of pneumonia at a relatively young age. Sounds like he had a weak immune system. I wonder why? Charlie Sheen came out with having AIDS and has been a man whore for a long, long time. His kids have displayed telling signs of being sexually abused. So we can also assume Sheen himself was abused.

  13. Mj is innocent, ur a freaking idiot. No stars have these kids after him but him u looser open ur eyes

  14. My cousin was Margaret Hamilton, she played the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of Oz & she told my mother about Pedowood in 1969 at a family reunion.

  15. Anyone that researches this stuff knows this doc was a waste of time, Feldman is undoubtably on the side of the deep state

  16. yeah… he is full of shitola…. supposedly had issues with live streaming from his own site.. people paid 20 bucks and all people saw was a black screen.

  17. Thank you Jeremy for talking about this issue, this hits really close to home. I'm glad there are ppl like G&G that are around that doesn't pretend this doesn't exist.

  18. I remember reading an article about this very thing……oh around '11 or '12 trying to speak out about this very thing but it wasn't popular enough I guess and never heard anything more about it. It's no surprise, look what they did to Judy Garland during Oz

  19. Corey Feldman didn't kill himself (yet) ! Pedowood needs to be shut down, for good !

  20. He was speechless because he knows all he has to do is just say the names, but he won’t, because he won’t say any names cause he’ll be sued silly

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