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Frank Oz Says Disney Doesn’t Want Him to Perform The Muppets Anymore

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30 thoughts on “Frank Oz Says Disney Doesn’t Want Him to Perform The Muppets Anymore

  1. That was terrible writing. Who would have thought the craft of writing would be an early victim of AI.

  2. I mean, the guy is quoted as saying the stress of Henson’s Disney deal was what drove Jim to illness/death.

    So I sorta understand why Disney doesn’t want him around.

  3. Sad news. Money money money. At this rate Disney will be a country in 20 years. First they must acquire all that we hold dear but what do I know?

  4. It’s truly heartbreaking. It was a big deal to Jim that the same people performed the same characters as much as possible.
    This is the same as ripping off an actor’s skin and draping it over someone cheaper. It’s so sad.

  5. Disney has no idea what to do with the Muppets. The closest thing I’ve seen that they’ve done well was when they performed a live show in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom (Disney World). They retold historical events as only the Muppets could. For a moment, Disney got it right. It was classic Henson and Oz. It was funny, educational, zany, and charming. That’s about it though. Everything else has been either passable and slightly Muppet-esque (like 2011 Muppets) to abysmal (Muppets Now).

  6. I like the part where he said he doesn’t work with Disney because they value money over art but he plays Yoda in everything from the movies to the rides and it’s all for that dirty Disney money. Eric Jacobson has done a great job for the next generation of Muppets as they’ve slowly fallen into obscurity.

  7. They have a license to print money by just making public domain stories with the Muppets ala Muppet Treasure Island or Muppet Christmas Carol.

    Why they are shelving the property I will never know.

  8. I’ve said it many times and will say it again: Disney is evil and corrupt. People need to stop supporting them.

  9. Didn’t the last few muppet movies make a shit ton of money? Why does Disney hate that franchise so much

  10. The Muppets should have died with Jim Henson. His heirs should not have sold them to House of Mouse. Disney can go to hell.

  11. The article makes it sound like its Frank’s choice not to work with Disney so I’m a little confused. Think there might be some clickbait fuckery here.

    >Per Oz, he is no longer working with Disney as its working style does not go with him. Furthermore, he cannot take dictation from other as it badly affects his creativity.

  12. i personally detest Dismal, i mean Disney. i wont watch anything of theirs if i can help it!

  13. That makes sense. When they integrate the muppets into the star wars cinematic universe you don’t want the same guy voicing everybody.

  14. I love Frank Oz but kinda see what Disney is doing here. Better to have the voices change now then have it be like bugs bunny who now always just sounds wrong.

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