Jason, is bit by a strange organism while on vacation with his girlfriend, Sam, at her sister’s secluded farmhouse. The bite begins a transformation in Jason, and now the couple must race against time to figure out what happened to Sam’s sister and her family, and what lies in store for them. All of these elements are tantamount to the ultimate fear addressed in the film, the fear of losing a loved one and worse, becoming a monster in their eyes.


50 thoughts on “From Beneath – BEST HOLLYWOOD HORROR

  1. Another Lame Kings of Bad Actors , trash camera work and scripts they find in the garbage.
    I expected better from Viewster ..

  2. Mari nonton film…yang suka horor ngumpul
    I like Horror movies…

  3. Sorry but I struggled to the 1/2 way point and just couldn't take any more. I appreciate the free movies guys, but honestly, this one is a big "pass" for me.


  5. I just plain ol' lost interest before the first word was spoken. Judging by the comments posted, looks like I'm not alone.

  6. The main girl is cute as fuck; I would marry her right now and make her my queen… I would wait on her night and day, I would kill and die for her I would work three jobs so she could have anything she wanted. So if the actress that plays her is listening to this comment…. I would like to take your hand in marriage?

  7. Nah, Sorry 😳
    Need Heavy Duty Medication for this film lol, and I’m only 3 mins into it lol

  8. Yo gusta más película dublada no siendo no entiendo. yo Brasileira so entiendo un pouco español .

  9. I knew at the beginning intro music that this would be below a B grade movie. Music is poor, the acting is poor and the directing is poor. This would not be a straight to video movie, it's a sraight to the dump movie. I just hope it was like a grade school art project and not done by a person that calls themselves professionals in the film industry. I often wonder if these producers or directors watch the films they make before charging the public to watch their turds of a movie.

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