Shaikh Hashim Ahmad is an American Islamic scholar and teacher holding a degree from Jami’ah Ummul Qura, Makkah Al Mukarramah, with specialization in the Sciences of Quran and Hadith.

He was a professional musician from Hollywood, Los Angeles California, where he spent his youth during the 1960’s in pursuit of his musical career, coupled with a passion for a natural healthy lifestyle inspired from early childhood by his mother an accomplished nutritionist & certified organic gardener. He left America in 1970 in pursuit of the original true path of spiritual development and way to the Creator. After extensive travel and search he accepted Islam in Ethiopia 1971, then on to Yemen and eventually Makkah Al Mukarramah.

Apart from teaching at various premier Islamic Institutions, he regularly delivers lectures at diverse venues on Islamic related topics, guiding how Muslims can live a healthy life in a Holistic Way.

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  1. Mash'Allah I've met and sat with the Shaykh a few times in Karachi. I'm also a convert who lives on and off in Karachi. Its a great video glad to hear more details about his conversion. Whats the name of his biography and where to find it?

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