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44 thoughts on “From Ikorodu To Hollywood; Hushpuppi Lessons; NNPC Generates Zero Revenue; Malawi Elections; Gambia

  1. The politicians, police and the pastors are also thieves. Pls, bring them to the public

  2. I heard Hush's deal was in collaboration with Russians but they didn't pay Russians, so Russians snitched on them to FBI. I can't confirm the validity of the information though

  3. As I used to tell people… You can not make legitimate money and spend it anyhow

  4. In Ghana now the supreme court judges are remotely control by the president!! its a shame on those judges! Good job Malawian judges!!!


  6. If he had scam the president we dont really care but scam an innocent soul means how heartless you are🇩🇪

  7. We don't decide what other women want…income is necessary but not for the sake of just supporting but because we need it and for adversarial reasons and self respect ..some ppl are financially covered but we must make money..but not a competition

  8. Adeola am a big fan of you from Sierra Leone. I was impressed hearing about the skirmishes happening here in Sierra Leone on your show. However, am a local journalist working for a community radio station here, and quite abreast with trends here and of a balance viewpoint.
    Therefore, I wouldn't mind serving as a news source for you here if it so pleases you.
    If you are interested in me partnering with you for information sharing from this end, then, kindly DM me.


  9. Too much airing of our dirty laundries in Africa will give all this greedy colonisers a reason to come back and steal our resources thinking we have poor management..time to invest in Technology

  10. Let it be known , the loss is a chip off the old block. The whole sector /institution in nigeria is incuring debts and no outcome.Doing the same thing over a million times without result only show mediocrity.

  11. What is his tribe, because I want to call him by this tribe. Criminal herders are called fulani herdmen.

  12. The NNPC case is a sad one. How can a company be incurring so much expenses while generating zero revenue. If the president is not summoned for detail explanations, this country and the people in the hollow chambers are jokers.😳

  13. We lack leadership and accountability in Nigeria. Soon we will have nothing left and all the thieves or so called leaders will change their nationalities whilst their children live like hushpoppy…we don't need prayers anymore…just nationalists and patriotism.

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  15. Can you also name and shame all those big boss in high post of the NNPC please. Let keep it real like that

  16. Lol! You will observe that as she begins to NNPC, her American accent begins to drop, and it becomes a really down to earth Nigerian accent! With the severity of the corruption. God help us! It’s really distressing to hear these things.

  17. I got scammed too of all my tax refunds and all my money. Cleared my bank account. Awon ole

  18. How can Nigerians have such information on NNPC's corruption and do nothing about it. The minister of petroleum ought to be summoned by EFCC, unfortunately nothing is going to happen. it's so sad.

  19. I love you adeola greeting from your Amhara sister you are beautiful soul 🤗🤗🤗😗😗😗😗😗i like how you support others .

  20. You don't know about internet… That's reason the American keep bringing English so it will be difficult for you to know. Firstly not possible to redirect website and secondly is not possible to cashout someone else bank and everything they say concerning hushpi is not true and no meaning. Phishing you can Phish but their is security on what ever things you Phish … Many of you talk about internet and you do not know about internet…..

  21. WHAT will u do different if u are appointed group managing director NNPC. ?

  22. Absolutely Adeola, good encouragement! I had been wanting to start my YouTube channel for a long time but couldn't afford a good camera. I went for a coaching program and the lady told to start with whatever you have. Only with my smartphone and a laptop that must be plugged to the current because it has no battery, I started my YouTube channel, and I'm so happy I finally started because I'm enjoying the journey.

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