About Philip Seymour Hoffmann found dead……and other famous people who have recently died.

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47 thoughts on “Fucked up Hollywood!

  1. "Justin Bieber will end up dead in a ditch"Uwe Bol.Uwe we could never be that lucky

  2. Rampage 2 is about killing the rich, but isn't Uwe Bill himself super rich?

  3. I would love to see Uwe Boll make more films about destroying Hollywood because of Oodie Shnew.

  4. I agree with you Uwe 🙂 Hollywood is nothing but shit and bunch of creeps.

  5. Wie nimmst du dir raus so über Hollywood reden zu können?
    Tu mal nicht so als wüsstest du wie das ist.
    Du bist sehr weit von dieser Welt entfernt und dass dir niemand deine Filme bezahlen will liegt daran dass du nur scheiße produzierst.
    Niemand will mehr was von dir hören oder sehen.

  6. Thanks, Uwe for explaining now time to go out of this as you say "fucked of system" and leave this place where you as it seems don't belong anymore. Hope you'll never come back, thanks four your "gifts" for movie scene" and good bye.

  7. But Uwe, without drugs how can we even make it past the first 5 minutes of Alone in the Dark

  8. The problem is not Hollywood, IT IS YOU UWE! You ruined the House of the Dead franchise, you ruined the Bloodrayne franchise, you ruined Kristana Loken's carrier and you call your movies "art" when it is clear that your movies only offend and now you are butthurt that nobody donated to your kickstarter because NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR MOVIES!

  9. "kill the rich" was the message of your movie… but didn't you say that you have so much money that you can go play golf every day?

  10. I've enjoyed most of his films, criticism is subjective, at least he makes films his way, I think the people criticising him should ask themselves what have you done with your life?

  11. Now, I've always thought you were a fucking idiot but then you said Justin Beiber was talented. Now I realise you are actually a fucking genius…

  12. you make M knight Shamalayn and Michael Bay look like Orson Welles

  13. if this guy was really as edgy and tough as he pretends to be he would call out the jews for being the real reason hollywood is so fucked up

  14. Stop worrying about what other people do and/or think. Ok so they are fucked up. Who cares. You should be more passionate about creating things that make impact on people. It's just films and movies. You really come off as a self-entitled crying bitch. I agree with you. But, you cry too much and don't really do anything for people or the world. Man the fuck up.

  15. They are crazy? Yet you think Rampage 3 is an "important" movie to make? LMAO!

  16. Glad hes not part of the system my ass!
    If he was then he wouldn't have to go begging people to give him money to fund his shit movies then tells them to "fuck themselves" when they don't. He would give anything to become like Micheal Bay he just acts like he wouldn't to try and save face because he'll never come close. Micheal Bay is a horrible director too but at least hes able to fund his own shitty movies.
    Who the fuck would wanna send this talent-less hack any money?

  17. I give you points for honesty, but I think everyone already knows how fucked up Hollywood is. I have thought about it too, for many years now, and I'm not sure what the answer is. People are just hungry for entertainment….how many of us buy magazines, rent a movie, or go to the movie theater simply because we have nothing else to do? Unless most of us turn off our TVs and pick up a book, Hollywood will remain strong, I'm afraid.

  18. I don't know why, but for some reason I think Uwe would make a great hentai anime director.

  19. True about Hollywood it's a fucked up and pretense sick place. Uwe's spot on here. Hollywood and it's neverending remakes of classic movies.

  20. These are good videos. 
    They are substantially better than his film output.
    Interesting and controversial.

  21. Around the 2 minute mark, you can see that he is genuinely excited at the thought of murdering the Hollywood crowd, and, considering the theme of his last two movies, is it possible that this guy is actually a bit dangerous? Like, those movies were a fantasy of his? Next thing we'll hear about him is that he stalked the buildings of Paramount studios with an assault rifle, mowing down anything that moved before turning the gun on himself and going out in a blaze of glory, finally acquiring the power, and God-like status, that Hollywood so cruelly denied him. Creepy guy.

  22. Bitter? Sounds like you bought "all in" and when you didn't hit the sales expectations, THEY LIED! They said we make some quick money!
    Those were your words and your expectations. Do you always believe those carnivores when tell you how great you are?

  23. you're right about everything , keep denouncing these assholes before they kill you too 🙂

  24. Even his self recorded YouTube videos are badly recorded and boring lmao.You can't do anything right you useless bastard.Retire or die! Either way,the movie industry wins!

  25. "Justin Bieber is a talented guy". Possibly the most outrageous thing Boll has ever said.

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