The farmer’s daughters battle their archrival Hollywood along with Godiva in a Texas Tornado tag-team match! Mayhem in & out of the ring!


11 thoughts on “G.L.O.W. "Sally & Babe the Farmer's Daughters vs. Hollywood & Godiva"

  1. My Sister's came downstairs after hearing me cheer and all three hit the Floor laughing!

  2. Do we know when this match originally aired? I remember this exact match and was born in 81 so trying to figure it out, can't find a date IMBD, etc. Any idea?? Thanks!!!

  3. this was probably the best match ever. these 4 girls are the best ones on glow. so great.

  4. How sad is it that as cheesey as it was, it was stiil better wrestling wise than WWE? Seriously! I've seen worse womens wrestling on both WWE & TNT!

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