Country vs. the street!

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9 thoughts on “G.L.O.W. "Tulsa vs. Hollywood" (Second singles' match encounter)

  1. Hollywood is the best flying head scissors maneuver in GLOW history!!!

  2. Hollywood is a great leaping ability. I'm very impressed her wrestling skills.

  3. Hollywood will kick Tulsa ass!! I am huge Hollywood Fan. I am not Tulsa Fan.

  4. Hollywood wins the match. Hollywood is a very tough competitor and sexy. Tulsa don't mess with Hollywood. Hollywood have a lot of wrestling skills. I am huge hollywood fan. Hollywood never give up attitude this match. Tulsa find out never call hollywood out. Great match this video. I love it.

  5. Hollywood beat Tulsa this video. Hollywood is a very tough competitor and never give up attitude. Hollywood is a better wrestler and sexy than Tulsa. Don't mess with Hollywood!!! Tulsa find out Hollywood never give up this wrestling match. I love it!!!💘

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