This was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever watched. It was so uncomfortable I decided to make a small challenge out of it. How long can you last watching hollywood’s self important cringe. Gal Gadot, Will Ferrell, Mark Ruffalo and more shame on you! Video Sponsored By Ridge Wallet! Use Code “QUARTERING10” For 10% Off


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31 thoughts on “Gal Gadot Fights Infection With Cringe! Hollywood's EPIC FAIL Cover Of "Imagine"

  1. I Normally Wouldn't Subject Anyone To This But Hey, What Else Do We Have To Do! Help New People Take The Challenge By Leaving A Like & Comment On This Video! It Seriously Helps A Ton! Also Thanks So Much Ridge! Video Sponsored By Ridge Wallet! Use Code "QUARTERING10" For 10% Off

  2. I violently retched and dry heaved when Sarah Silverman’s ugly mug started singing

  3. "Imagine there's no heaven" with a beautiful smile. Thanks Gal, thats what we need to hear right now – dying people, their family, medical staff..

  4. These Hollywood idiots need to just shut up and entertain us..that's what court jesters do

  5. what a bunch of idiots, i cant watch her again until wonder women 2, i live in Liverpool and i f***ing hate this song with a passion there is another song from Liverpool that would have been much more appropriate


  6. I love how they think its "relatable" to film themselves barefaced. I don't know any ladies who post without at least a bit of mascara.

  7. Matt – I was discussing this last night, and look, you're being way too harsh as most people are. Everyone on quarantine right now is trying to share something positive that they're doing. Seeing someone do something that makes that person feel good makes other people feel good. People are sharing photos of what they've built, the food they made, pictures they've drawn, the list can go on forever. My point is they want to share a song that's inspiring them. It makes me happy that they are inspired. The only way this can be looked at as a negative is if you yourself put them on a pedestal as being better than you.

  8. celebrities in this crisis without attention are like addicts, lets do stupid things so people remember us again and give us our dose of "we are not irrelevant"

  9. This is my all time fave vid of yours. I can't get past that Thor wannabe hack piece of crap Natalie Portman. She's the absolute worst. Thank you for the laughs!

  10. Not only did I watch the whole thing, I watched it a second time. And yes, I am a masochist.

    Kidding aside, while I applaud their intentions, no one wants to hear multi-millionaires serenading us about how great it is have no possessions when people are suffering and dying globally. And these stars have now ruined this song for me, one of the greatest songs ever written.

  11. I hope all the idiots that participated in that video also donated a shit ton of money to families affected by coronavirus . If not, shove it.

  12. I thought this was drawn out and you were making mountains out of mole hills then it started and I had to skip ahead in ur video 🤮

  13. Imagine if they would share the money they have with the less fortunate during these hard times. Sorry only dreaming they are to self absorbed for all that.

  14. A bunch of rich people singing a song that is literally about communism. Imagine.

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