Gal Gadot and other Hollywood celebrities sing ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon for us. This is peak cringe!


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36 thoughts on “Gal Gadot & Other Hollywood Celebrities Sing 'Imagine' | This Is Peak CRINGE

  1. I'm sorry, I've never liked Gal Gadot. She went from no acting experience to the lead in Wonder Woman and Hollywood just kept praising her for being in the Israeli army like that's something to brag about. She got too much for too little put in and it shows.

  2. I feel like this celebrities are using the coronavirus as a way to promote themselves. I hope Hollywood dies soon, so we don't have to see this idiots anymore. Lol I actually have no clue who the majority are

  3. 🎶 Imagine celebs as beggars, cardboard signs, wandering the streets..

    …healthcare workers paid like celebs, celebs digging through trash for something to eat..”🎶

    Hey, this is fun to me now 😈

  4. Another YouTuber making money off of haters. Good job! They don't even know you are doing it. Falling in line. Following the herd you are. Donald Trump was right. Uneducated people. Lord help us all.

  5. I wish there was a plague that specifically targeted liberal progressive celebrities. I should think at least 99% of the Hollywood elite would be wiped out.

  6. This may be virtue signaling but I havent spent a dime of my hard earned money on albums or going to the movies in years.

  7. I would rather listen to the WWE pro wrestlers sing the song "If You Only Knew" from the Piledriver album.

  8. They actually did unite all of us…in how annoying we all found it 😂😂

  9. Imagine singing “Imagine no possessions” by millionaires, recorded on their expensive phones in their expensive houses, with lots of money and supplies, and easy access to covid testing when you don't even have any symptoms, having to take time out of their important lives to sit at home & be bored. Imagine them never giving up their possessions in real life even though they sing about it(we don't have to actually imagine that because it will never happen).

    Imagine the rest of us in reality, with no money, no food & no supplies left, no jobs or losing our jobs due to a myriad of reasons, unable to get unemployment because of the strict qualifications needed right now to get it, no access to covid testing when we are the ones that actually have the symptoms, having to go to work with no protective equipment when you are a worker on the front lines of all of this(HELLO???!!!, WTF???). I could go on with all the problems right now, but everyone that's actually living this nightmare knows what they are.

    Imagine all the wealthy humans in the world actually helping all the other humans on Earth that need it right now(you know, the humans that made it so you are wealthy in the first place).

    Imagine all the real people out here deciding they really don't need to spend any more money on celebrities when those very same celebrities don't reciprocate in a time of great need.

    Imagine you no longer having a job, because we no longer have the money to spend it on you.

    Imagine that.

  10. Just stumbled across this channel after watching Mark Dice. YouTube is definitely burying your videos. Keep fighting against Hollywood! You got my subscription

  11. Day 6? I've been in quarantine for 21 days so far. boohoo for you… These celebs live in houses the size of a resort while the rest of us are stuck in little houses smaller than their bathrooms… no sympathy at all.

  12. Who? Pathetic. Lectured by a bunch of know nothing nitwits? Hahaha scumbags.. lol

  13. Seems like hard working Americans who just lost their jobs don't like rich celeb's singing "it's easy to imagine no possessions", go figure?

  14. How appropriate to sing a song about praising Communism, Hollywood. Ugh, just go away.

  15. And just like that, Wonder Woman 1984 failed at the box office for a reason besides the kung-flu…

  16. Day 6 of self quarantine. They couldn't even go one week without begging for attention. Go away!

  17. When Hollywoke Celebs are bored… there's a few things that should be done. Keep them away from drugs, the internet / social media & don't let them anywhere near a camera. They are narcissist attention addicts who wouldn't even know the definition of the term "reality" even if it would hit them like a wrecking ball. Hollywood HATES us and "viral" placed videos like these are their way of mocking us the average people.

  18. I'm noticing allot of disappointment in Gal. It is heartbreaking to see people's faith diminish, especially when there was allot of faith put into Gal. But during one of her Wonder Woman 1984 interviews, she was saying everyone of welcome to see it. Sounds awesome, right? But she followed up with "How are we going to educate people of we reject them". That was a little red flag for me. Though I was developing some approval of her.

  19. The acoustics in their multi-million dollar mansions is awesome. They must be real people just like us.

  20. Well I am here at work because I have to pay bills, but I am glad to see the hollywood celebrities are doing well and have nothing to worry about in their compounds.

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