Game Of Aces – Full Movie – Best War Hollywood Movies

In 1918, British General Rupert Graves III (Randy Oglesby) recruits Eleanor Morgan (Victoria Summer), an English nurse and translator to help locate and bring back a top German pilot who has crashed in Egypt. Morgan is teamed with Capt. Jackson Cove (Chris Klein), an American pilot flying for the British Allied forces who will navigate to the remote crash site. Cove has been grounded due to his alcoholism leading to crashing nine aircraft.

During the trek across the Sahara Desert, Cove and Morgan strike up an unlikely partnership as they search for Capt. Josef von Zimmerman (Werner Daehn), an ace who killed Cove’s younger brother in aerial combat. Apparently von Zimmermann has become a traitor and is offering to give the British some valuable intelligence.

When Morgan and Cove finally locate von Zimmermann, he is badly injured and suffering from amnesia. With the daunting task of getting back to Cairo ahead of them, the trio are pitted against each other in an elaborate and deadly game of deception and survival. The arrival of a German pilot in a Fokker Dr.1 triplane fighter leads to a climatic conclusion to their epic struggles. British actress, Sarah Lynn Dawson, also appears in the film as British Nurse Patricia Evans. The twist ending, hints at the possibility of a sequel.’


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