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38 thoughts on “Gayle King's Kobe Question & Meek Mill Tweet's Nicki Minaj on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. I have a quick question if a guy has a micro-penis what kind of condom can they use????

  2. “We may not have a friend to call but we got a dick to play with!” Jason Lee 2020 in all my years on the planet as a dame I had an epiphany into the male mind💡

  3. I tried so hard to maintain a little weewee man as a lover but I just could not. I think it is sad when a man's penis is so small that when it gets erect it looks like an index finger. So sad, especially when they have nice personality. Guys think giving good head is enough… it is not. AFTER ALL OF THAT LICKIN YOU NEED SOME STICKIN

  4. Kobe ppl would've sued, tha hell outta them hoes period!!! I swear tha bitch and her Boston Tea party gonna get their's in the most highest way!!! God bless my ppl ,cause we need it !!!

  5. Tyler Perry, you expect him to speak up, why? He made his money making Black People look like fools. The community laughed and went to his movies and how did he show his appreciation . . . by not having any Black professionals working on his films.
    He's so great . . . he does it all himself. So is he any different than Gayle or Oprah about throwing aspects of the Black Community under the bus.

  6. Gayle King is despicable she treated me like shyt one day at lord and taylor back in the 80s when I was picking out her husbands suits. This bitch was soo mean when her credit card declined I sent her dumb azz to the credit phones on the wall while her husband was up my mini skirt…FAST FORWARD five years later he left her for a puerto rican lady he knocked up in the hood..He was a states attorney in state of CT. Oprah and Gayle are scissoring partners and Steadman is the so called BEARD..She was trashing Wendy Williams saying her story was too trashy for her to cover…Maybe the same exact story reminds her of her husband…These are FACTS


  8. Jason I want to thank Hollywood Unlock for being the only platform to acknowledge that R.Kelly had not been ever convicted of any CRIME. But they come out with this Docu accusing him & he looses everything. Again I thank you guys so so much.
    I Love You All's Show So Much.

  9. Ok…I’ll Start. I believe that just like Gail, ALL OF HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED(JASON LEE, MFORD, DJ whatever 🥴) Really do a disservice to HIP HOP CULTURE. With the LOW BROW reporting from JASON LEE DISGUSTING ATTACKING BLACK WOMEN agenda: mostly displayed on Nicki Minaj. You speak with triggering people but honestly if you’re brother was alive with all the respect you would fight for his life. She did not make any public statements in support on the trail, but if she can’t even pay for his trial or proceedings at which purpose does accumulating millions through YEARS OF talent not “poor reporting with trigger bait). We’ve seen you not allow Monique redemption, Attack April Young, we’ve see you physically attack Hazel E (there are many gay men that hate BLACK WOMEN) and you’ve exhibited on your show and Love & Hip Hop. I understand Tiffany Haddish is trying to help you but why do you think young Stallion avoiding your text. Just know MY PODCAST WILL BE EXPLOSIVE WITH (FACTS) And THERES so many people I know (Mostly straight light skin models on Instagram) that such wonderful stories they have shared about Jason Wei—I mean Lee. Tune In ! 😈😈😈

  10. Too fucking hilarious. I must have been hibernating cuz I’ve never listened to your show, but that “shit” ends now. You guys are great! Thank you for making me laugh.

  11. Oprah and Gayle also never spoke out on Bill Cosby. Why does no one bring that up. R Kelly agreed to go speak with Gayle in effort to clear up his image and it backfired. Harvey Weinstein isn't stupid enough to agree to be interviewed

  12. It wasn't brought up in tge 17yrs before because he was ALIVE and no one was talking about his legacy and it's impact

  13. CANCEL THEM BITCHES!!!! Both of them got too big for their britches. There are no more Black men to take down. I'm SO OVER Oprah, she lives in Santa Barbara,. population shrinkin,. down to 1.3% is about to be washed from the books of history we helped write. They say theres NEVER been a Black presence,. and they aren't intimidated by hers. She clowned Tony Braxton, Monique was well within her rights to be pissed at herm using her family to sensationalize an interview. Disrespectful.

  14. Jason Lee is a clown, how can you speak on something you don’t know 💯 about. This man really hates Nicki it’s sad

  15. Who melissa Dun curved..gurl they curved right in that pussy everybody in the 99 2000sz oprah and gale are middle aged white women who caters to her kind these ppl need to be updated on the news they dont know shit smh

  16. He thought he was Superman imagine this, he drops his pants takes off his silk boxer shorts and I said where is it I couldn't believe it A tiny cat Dick!!😱😱😱

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