What is “Tatort” and why do the Germans love it so much? Is Germany keeping pace on platforms like Netflix? And does Germany have its own version of Hollywood? On the latest Meet the Germans, Rachel Stewart investigates German television and cinema. Stay tuned to meet the German voice of Angelina Jolie!

Rachel moved from the UK to Germany in 2016. As a relative newcomer she casts a fresh eye over German clichés and shares her experiences of settling into German life. Every two weeks she explores a new topic – from allotment gardens to money to language.

What do you think of German films and TV series?

You’ll find more Meet the Germans videos to keep you entertained here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTuTOkjXVFXJAzrtbfg7RSuLXc8Gn83DC

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32 thoughts on “German Film & TV: Crime Dramas, Dubbing & The German Hollywood | Meet the Germans

  1. Hey guys, we mixed up the pictures of the Lucerne and Frankfurt Tatort teams – sorry about that! 😜

  2. Millions of old people… for real don't think many young people watch that (talking about people under 30)

  3. Simple comments: You made my day! Your dubbing scene is just cooooool. LOL. When I visited my German friend' home, I found the dubbing version of Harry Potter. And very surprised the the dubbing voice of Harry was perfectly same with the original one. In Korea, we can select the original version or dubbing version for almost every foreign movie. So I've known the original voice already.

  4. Fun fact: I never saw one whole Tartort movie. At least I can‘t remember.

  5. Im from Germany and tbh the german synchronisations just cringe tf out of me

  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger offered to do the German dubbing (I think for Terminator) but was turned down because he sounds like “an Austrian farmer”.

  7. Dubbing is terrible. It takes away the feeling and integrity of a film. It should be banned. People who hate subtitles are just lazy.

  8. Can you also make a video about Art Music in Germany? Because Germany has arguably the most influential composers of all time.
    It feels awkard to see people recognize german music with rap or some other genres.

  9. Sissi 🖤 Meister Eder & sein Pumuckl 😄 Sendung mit der Maus 🐁🧠 and the first & second Fck you Goethe, are fun if you don't take it to seriously 🤦🏽‍♀️ sry, am a typical German and sometimes am very strict in my humour an the potentially dicsimination 🤷
    Love your channel!! Thx

  10. 1. Das Experiement. 2. Kurz und Schermzlos 3. Solino 4. Kidnapping Stella (on Netflix) 5. Im Juli 6. Chico 7. Die Welle (Nexflix Series) 8. Alarm für Kobra

  11. sollte man einfach mal was süßes romantisches mal was für die jungen und nicht immer nur geschichte geschichte geschichte… German tv is right now grandma grandpa ala 70 years…. good german tv shows are only on streaming sites . comedy romantic action simple dont exist x.x its so ….. we need toinvest in our own tv productions, more european coperations betweent actors and studios more german language movies films more promotion for our actors. i am so tired of this americanised english stuff in the west only usa and uk stuff gets promo and recognition everything non english be treat like shit. its good in their eyes they steal it make american remakes with usa actors.
    its so sad that our industry do nothing for us. not in music not in tv no in movies not in Entertainment thats a european wide problem . I love our voice actors ^.^<3 but i wish some actros would get a change to shine despite that. it makes me sick

  12. "Ich bin nicht Eugene Krabs! Ich bin… Benjamin. Benjamin Blümchen." – einer der tollsten Momente deutscher Synchronisation in meiner Kindheit, auch wenn ich Benjamin Blümchen nie gemocht habe.

  13. I watched a German film a few years ago, but I forgot its name. It’s about a son who is hiding the collapse of the Berlin Wall from his mother, a fervent communist who has been in a coma. Anyone knows the film? It was really awesome and funny. Greetings from Mexico and thanks Rachel for your wonderful videos 😘❤️😘

  14. As much as I like English and watching movies in English, I still prefer the German dubbed versions of it. I have a slight hearing disability and the background noises in English movies are just too loud and tend to drown the voices of the actors. Voice actors usually speak very clearly and I have noticed that they usually add something to overall atmosphere. It doesn’t always work out, but in general we have incredibly talented voice actors here in Germany. On a side note, I really like the German language. So it is nice to hear it as frequently as we do right now.

  15. I absolutely hate dubbed movies. It's awful. I don't understand why so many Germans think it's high quality here, either. It's really not. The voice actress in this very YouTube video says that they essentially try to make the translation "more German". That's not good dubbing. You want it to be as close to the original as possible. Yes, some things don't translate 1-to-1, but trying to "make it more German" goes beyond making it understandable to the German audience. Now you're changing the material itself.

    And it's always the same boring people with the same boring voices speaking the same boring Hochdeutsch. Ugh.

    Just read subtitles if you aren't fluent in the original language. As a fan of Japanese horror and Korean movies in general, believe me; you can still follow the movie just fine.

  16. That is the big problem: the budget of the German public television is double as high the one of the BBC, but they only make the usual stuff: crime drama, folk music shows, political talk panels, soaps. Shortly: all the stuff that is established and proved to work. You wouldn't expect the German public TV to make shows like Sherlock, Blackadder or Doctor Who. The risk of failure is much too high and so the producers stay on the safe side.

  17. Victoria, lola rennt, good bye Lenin, 4 Blocks are some interesting german series and movies

  18. You gotta watch the bully herbig productions. Like Schuh des Manitu.
    I am not a fan at all of anything german. Actually, especially most recent movies, feel extremly cheap and badly made. But when I was in the US I found out that even in hollywood there are really really bad movies, which are never brought to germany. So we always only get the best of the best of series and movies.
    And I found out that german series and movies are actually quite famous in europe.
    Another film I would recommend is "die welle" a great movie.
    German series are all really shitty, at least on TV. I actually enjoyed alot of the german series on netflix and was surprised to find out that these werent an american production.
    BTW as a 30 year old german I only ever have once seen tatort in around 1997 and since then never again because the plot feels always boring and very predictable.

  19. Sometimes dubbed acgtors even sound better. Examples: Bogart sounds very much more powerful in german. Marilyn Monroe sounds more sexy (in my ears).
    recommendation of german movies: "Kirschblüten Hanami", "Männer", most of Doris Doerrie. The "Sendung mit der Maus" of course. for vintage lovers: all films with Heinz Erhardt.

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