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In preparation for his upcoming short film, Niko shows you how he plans to use technology to streamline the traditional “Hollywood” film set to fit the needs of the modern Indie Filmmaker. The question is, will his plans work?

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20 thoughts on “Getting the Hollywood Look Without the Hollywood Crew

  1. While these things work well for an indy crew, you couldn't film something like Avenger's Endgame or 1917 with this sort of set up. For example you can replicate a dolly shot with a gimbal, but not as smooth, especially if you are wanting to accomplish something like that on uneven terrain. For that you will need rails for sure. I know Niko is not saying this is how Hollywood should be, but I think some people are getting that impression. You can get a Hollywood "look" but not the Hollywood execution. Hollywood is a well oiled machine, but it's not necessary for you to go and make your own ideas. Hollywood works well for some things, but there are other areas that Hollywood can change to be more efficient.

  2. Is “You Monster” still going to be released? Niko explaining his concept made me excited to see it, and I was also excited that Anthony Padilla is in it! 🙂

  3. Since I don't want to do the work and look it all up, what is the price for all the gear you talked about together as a total, so I know how much blood I need to donate to afford it.

  4. Dude I have been waiting for the short film for a long time, please I wanna see it even if U don't think it didn't make it … but please I am waiting…

  5. I watched your rant on the stuff expensive cameras are missing…loved it. Watched this video on small budget filmmaking…loved it! Makes me want to invest some money and really get back out there and make films. Thank you for bringing that back to life in me. Also you just need to make your own camera and sell it. But not for the price of a Tesla. $1,000 isn't bad. Better if it was $500.

  6. I really want to try out that audio trick in resolve now. Well I guess I should learn how to use resolve first then.

  7. While this is definitely more convenient and simpler than a normal Hollywood, setup, the overall expense of the equipment is still quite monumental for a starting filmmaker. I'd love to see a video where you guys shoot a short film on a budget DSLR and edit it using the free version of DaVinci Resolve. Would love to see the results.

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