Ginger Rogers guests on the Hollywood Palace. Hugh O’Brien is the guest host. Check out my book about Ginger’s life and movies from the perspective of an ardent fan.


17 thoughts on “Ginger Rogers Hollywood Palace November 18, 1964

  1. I can’t stop wondering why my own children and grandchildren refused to see the great honest feminine real American talent that GR represented and couldn’t contrast to the loss of the true beauty and real talent with proven life long family values rampant in the perverse In Hollywood actors and movies and variety shows that are nothing but JUNK with Zero entertainment value!
    What unseen force is holding our younger generation in a state of vegetation? Willing to sacrifice a life of true love and true affection of their country for mindless political dribble in SNL and video games?

  2. Ginger is wonderful here. She was such a versatile talent, she excelled at comedy, drama, farce, and of course dancing and singing.

  3. Ginger Rogers is such a great, eternal star. Thanks for this delightful clip! By the way, why didn't Hugh O'Brien do Broadway musicals? He has a terrific voice and great stage presence. He even has the courage to drop with the great Ginger. I think that the not-so-secret of Ginger's fantastic dancing is that she she is a wonderful actor.

  4. Wow, Ginger was absolutely gorgeous in the 60s! Great dance number. I just realized that she was doing what she did in a number from 'Follow the Fleet' where she gets "stuck" doing the same step over and over, while the other dancers have moved on….very cute and funny:)

  5. @DDumbrille Astaire never steered clear of Ginger.  I think she's a pretty grand dancer for someone in her 40s.

  6. Rogers was great, back in the 30's, but clearly not up to par, even remotely, in this performance. The tap steps are so basic that…well, Hugh O'Brien was able to learn them. No wonder Astaire steered clear of his former partner…

  7. I never did, but we did attend some performances at her theatre, and I don’t think there’s an Oregonian on Earth, who isn’t proud to have known she lived in our state and enjoyed it. I grew up in Grants Pass after being born in Eugene and then moved up outside of Portland. It just seemed pretty neat that she (and Jack Elam among others) liked Oregon and chose to live there. Walter Brennan also retired to eastern Oregon near Joseph, I think. 😊

  8. Yes, she loved the out of doors and her ranch in Oregon. After she sold it, she lived in Medford for part of the year. Did you ever meet Ginger? Ginger loved fishing along the Rogue River which went through her property.

  9. Before "Spanks"….before Lyposuction…before Photoshopping and computer enhancement I give you a REAL lady……………..

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