Some outtakes from Half in the Bag in which Mike and Jay discuss tends in recent Hollywood blockbusters.


22 thoughts on “Half in the Bag EXTRAS: Hollywood Trends

  1. post apocalyptic rip van winkle is a descriptor for 28 days later and arguably the long goodbye

  2. What a bunch of hack frauds! Ripping off Game of Thrones for their Humpty Dumpty remake… disgusting

  3. I'd watch that Rip Van Winkle movie if it starred Bruce Campbell with a beard and was directed by Sam Raimi.

  4. Just got here, 5 years later, to say Brothers Grimm, from Terry Gilliam.

  5. It’s always fun to have people talk about what you lived through at the age it was geared towards to. When I was a kid, the relentless book-to-movie adaptations got us excited for every individual thing that came out. And when I think about it, all of us were excited for the movie, because we read and saw Harry Potter, then thought since it was a big movie, that the books themselves would be awesome. At the book fair, we’d load up on the Spiderwick Chronicles 78, or Percy Jackson 100, all because there was about to be a new movie. Hollywood execs were really smart during that time, when you think about it. You would get kids to spend 15 bucks on a series of 8 books, then you’d get their money on the movies. So interesting.

  6. Back when they originally recorded this… if they'd consulted some comic books… they would have known that Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer was a thing that existed! I don't think it went over very well, which is kind of sad… because conceptually it has a lot of potential… Imagine a wooden boy who has to crack wise with lies in order to grow his nose and break it off to stake vampires! It practically writes itself.

  7. Got me to google for what the song is. Now i know what Klarinettenmuckl-Jodler is called. Thx guys

  8. If they did away with the Superman/action aspects, that Rip Van Winkle one actually sounds interesting. The concept of an old dude just, sleeping through the apocalypse is great. Get Taika Waititi to direct it.

  9. I'd love to see Mike get into Wh40k lore, ge would love the sunshine make you feel good state of the 41st millenia and we would get awesome jokes about it, but one can only dream and hope the Emperor may grant Mike wisdom for wisdom is the beggining of war.

  10. i could easily imagine Pinocchio being adapted into some cliché horror movie

  11. Is it weird that I liked Hansel & Gretel particularly because it's a big dumb action movie and you don't have to think very much to enjoy it? It's simple.

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