Mike and Jay talk about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the new film from Quentin Tarantino where people talk a whole lot.


20 thoughts on “Half in the Bag: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

  1. There was an event that no one has made a movie out of for some reason that would be so fucking cool to see on screen. LITERALLY KUNG FU WESTERN! It was called the Boxer Rebellion and it took place when a bunch of American cowboys went to China in 1899-1901 to industrialize the country (China was really weak in this time period) and there was a group of unarmed Kung Fu monks that fought back with just their fists.

  2. I'm a younger guy and the Manson family murders are only something I've ever head about it passing references. Having not known who they were and watching the film not gonna lie thought it was dog shit. Read up on the Mansons and re-watched the film, turns out I'm just a fucking idiot and it's a great film.

  3. He's not rewriting history. His movies all take place in an alternate universe where Red Apple cigarettes are the most popular cigarettes (as opposed to Marlboro).

  4. WTF Mike? A man with a gun and two women with knives break in to your house and reaction is "they did not do anything yet". Plus that woman whose face Pitt bashed in stabbed him in the leg. It was justified FFS.

  5. Im 10 minutes into this video and haven't actually heard any insight about this movie

  6. Clu Gulager who you remember as everyone's favorite wacky boss Burt, in The Return of the Living Dead.

  7. Just watched this. Tarantino did a great job making me feel connected to Sharon Tate even not knowing much about the Manson Family or Sharon Tate before. The theater scene was so sweet it got me hoping Sharon Tate got to experience something like that.

  8. I was so hype when I saw Damian Lewis' name in the beginning but he was just McQueen for a minute :/

  9. The whole film I feared to see the Sharon Tate murder. I was prepared to get up and stop when it would happen. I was baffled beyond belief when the twist came. And happy. And at the end I felt sadness, but in a weird good way. The ending was touching.

  10. did you guys watch same film the guy had a gun pointed at him and the girl whos face was smashed in ran at him screaming with a knife, all self defense, the mere fact the broke in and pointed a gun its clear cut

  11. you know they were going to tate's house, they changed their target after leonardo came out drunk and insulted them…watch the movie again

  12. I'm going to have to disagree with you in regard to Tarantino being the only filmmaker to do big films and tell amazing stories today. What about The Coen Brothers, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese or Guillermo del Toro?

  13. True it’s half in the bag.
    Because about half the movie was cut. And later this year we may see a directors cut that will be +4 hours: THEN it will be a complete masterpiece. I’m assuming that’s what you mean by (half in the bag) ??
    And I agree. I can’t wait to the see 4 hour cut! The movie can only be longer.. I would sit for 10 seasons of the movie if I had a say.
    greatest movie in many many years.

  14. For me problem with this movie is that I don't know what happened during Manson murders and I don't care. Could had been anything, I don't want to know.

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