“Hello Hollywood TV Show”
– WHAT: Halloween Carnaval 2014
– WHERE: West Hollywood, CA – USA
– Produced & Directed By: Amir Lahijy
– TV Reporter: Teena Anderson – Tatianna McBride
– Director of Photography: AJ
– Edited & Visual effects: By Amir Lahijy
– Executive Producer: Hello Hollywood TV Productions, Amir Lahijy.
– Copyright © 2007-2014 Hello Hollywood TV Productions All Rights Reserved
– www.MyHelloHollywood.com
– www.HelloHollywoodProductions.com


5 thoughts on “Halloween Carnaval 2014 – West Hollywood

  1. I love this girl with the green costume that interviews, she is sooo freaking cute.

  2. Hi, Jeff Scott here.   I was the giant Recycle Raptor dinosaur/puppet.  Thanks for catching some video of me and the crowd.  #jeffscott101

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